How to make the base under bath with own hands

How to make the base under bath with own hands

The base under bath by the hands is often done by those owners of the parcels who do not wish to incur additional expenses on construction due to involvement of hired labor.

Much, but beginning builders quite often dream of own bath think that they will not cope with construction of the base under bath. It is worth noticing that fears are groundless, the structure of the base quite simple, can build it even beginning to builders.

The base is important part of the building, it needs to be built it that it maintained loading from felling and roof. Besides, the base under bath has to be well protected from moisture, in this building it is in large number.

Under bath it is possible to choose any base. The building sector offers several options of its arrangement. It: continuous, pile, column footing.

Pile base for bath

The pile base under bath should be built in case soil on the parcel unstable. Such type of the base will be ideal on boggy sites which soil is characterized by special mobility. Owners of the parcels which have planned build piles can count on significant economy of expenses. The basement for bath is not necessary, therefore, it is not necessary to allocate large sums for construction from the family budget.

The pile base for bath is very similar to similar basis which is used for construction of housing. Elements same systems. These are pile support which represent concrete or metal poles, grillage, prefabricated reinforcement cage and internal piles. Use of prefabricated reinforcement cage does design of steadier if there is opportunity, armature should be used by all means.

Piles can be different, on sale there are drive and boring options, many companies also implement screw option of piles. It is worth choosing products of some certain type, being guided by soil characteristics, the preferences and the budget.

How to build the pile base

Construction of the base should be begun with installation of piles of the chosen type, the special equipment for this purpose will be required. It is necessary to expose piles so that all of them were at one level. If there is need, it is necessary to level them on one level.

Piles can be filled in also from concrete. It is worth beginning works with construction of timbering, for it it is worth buying bars or eaves board. It is desirable that the inside surface of board was smooth. To make timbering for grillage quite simply, this stage of work does not demand any special skills.

After the timbering is completely ready, it is possible to begin construction of the base, for this purpose place armature in timbering. It is better to carry out construction of the base with use of armature, the framework will increase rigidity of the base.

Part of framework can weld or connect armature by lashing wire among themselves. After that it is necessary to fill in grillage with cement slurry, it can be made independently, but it is the simplest to buy already ready. On drying of the pile base it is worth taking away not less than a week, after that it is possible to remove timbering.

How to calculate base depth

Base depth directly depends on what its look will be chosen. The column base demands big deepening in soil, continuous footing can be carried to surface.

It is necessary to consider also type of soil if it puchinisty, it is worth burying the pile base so that its bottom edge was located about 25 cm below than the level of freezing of the soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team