How to make the bedroom light

How to make the bedroom light

The bedroom – one of the most important rooms of the house or apartment as the health and mood of the person depends on healthy sleep in it. In the dark or cluttered-up bedroom to be quite unpleasantly whereas the light bedroom in pastel tones can become the best room of the house.

If for some reason the bedroom is on shady side, there are several ways to make it is lighter, without resorting to such radical measures as moving.


The first that will help to make the room light and full of air – the choice of the correct design at repair. It is worth remembering that various hinged ceilings, ceiling wall-paper and tiles "steal" from 2 to 8 centimeters of space. Ideal option for creation of the light bedroom – the white ceiling and walls painted with expensive aqueous emulsion ink (it is possible to use color of ivory or pale beige). Too it is the best of all to do floors light – linoleum of color of light tree, or covering parquet will be ideal. You should not use tile for flooring (it too cold for the bedroom and also "takes away" at least 2-3 cm).


To make the bedroom light, it is necessary to pick up the corresponding furniture. Best of all the furniture from the massif of birch or pine covered with light paint or simply varnished will approach. Furniture should not encumber all space: rather small cabinet, dresser and bed especially as in modern conditions it is easy to pack all unnecessary things "for season". On bed it is possible to get cover of beige or light yellow color. Visually the mirror opposite to window will help to increase and clarify space.

Lighting sources

Very important for creation of the light bedroom to use natural and artificial sources of lighting. Windows should be made "open" to the maximum (for example, to order plastic or wooden frames without additional partitions). You should not encumber windowsill with things as they will interfere with hit of sunlight to the room. If in the room there is exit to balcony, then it is worth changing windows and there as they "eat" more than a third of light intended for the room.

If it is going to close for night of window, it is the best of all to hang up one layer of light transparent tulle in tone to furniture per day and dense, but quite light curtains for the night. The quality of transmission of light depends not on color of curtains at night, and on their density therefore it is possible to take even white fabric (surely thick). In the bedroom surely there have to be several sources of artificial light. It will be best of all to bring big chandelier in the middle of the room and pair of lamps on both sides from bed which can be included in the evening. Lamps of warm luminescence which do the room of cozier are preferable to the bedroom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team