How to make the blade

How to make the blade

If you already have the wind generator, it is time to make for it blades. By the way, self-made blades for the wind-driven generator practically are inferior nothing to factory. At first you learn about how to make blades, and by the end of reading article you will already know how to connect these blades in the wind generator screw.


1. Cut out at first preparation for the blade from tree. You watch that on preparation there were no knots and other defects which reduce material durability. Further about the basis of the blade make on it score under small (sharp) corner.

2. Plane preparation approximately until you give it the form, necessary for the blade. Saw off all superfluous to facilitate to themselves further work with preparation. Then plane preparation again, leading form of the blade and its profile to ideal look.

3. It was necessary to process the surface of the blade by means of abrasive paper (at first large, then the smallest). The blade is ready. Now do all above-mentioned operations even with two preparations.

4. Blades are ready. Now it is necessary to make two fixtures to assemble blades in the screw. Make the drawing of fixture, transfer it to plate from metal. Now cut preparation by means of the Bulgarian. If there is no Bulgarian, cut preparation by hacksaw.

5. Bend side edges of all three speakers of parts of preparation on which blades will be fixed perpendicular to fixture plane. Otherwise, blades will not keep. Now make openings in fixture and in blades. It is necessary to make on couple of openings on each blade and on each corresponding part of fixture.

6. Now make in the same way the second just the same fixture, try on it to blades and drill in it openings. Attach blades to one fixture and cover them with the second. In conclusion strong connect all parts by means of long, powerful screws, having twirled screws as it is possible more strong. Everything, the screw for the wind-driven generator is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team