How to make the built-in furniture

How to make the built-in furniture

The built-in furniture in the house or the apartment executed by the hands — what also the workman of human activity can be better for expression creative? Let's consider the possibility to make the built-in furniture independently.

Furniture of all types and assignments fills our dwellings and is the main element of interior. Now furniture for every taste can be bought in specialized shop, having laid out at the same time considerable money. Most often at the same time also collectors are employed that increases expenses. Production of furniture the hands will allow to save on arrangement of the house or apartment.

Main types of the built-in furniture

Of course, independently it will not be possible to make all rooms furniture. A lot of time, certain knowledge base and diligence will be required. However some elements of interior nevertheless can be executed the hands:

  • Wall cabinets. Are generally intended for storage of clothes, footwear and accessories. Happen the opened and closed types. It is more difficult to make furniture with doors, than open racks.
  • Open wall regiments. Likely the most widespread type of the built-in furniture. Are intended for installation of the video, audio- and computer equipment, books, magazines, flowerpots, ware, etc.
  • Table-tops. Can be both stationary, and folding (for economy of space). As a rule, table-tops are complemented with wall regiments.
  • The most difficult performed by and installation element of the built-in furniture. Such furniture is not suitable for small-sized apartments, for example, of five-storey apartment blocks. In modern spacious houses and apartments the folding bed is already not so relevant.

After you decide on type of the built-in furniture, it is necessary to think over, where to place it.

Options of arrangement of interior

The built-in furniture can be used in any room. However it is better to arrange some rooms with prefabricated elements of interior:

  • It is better to order furniture for kitchen as the room has to be the most practical. It is possible to add interior of kitchen with the built-in shelves on which ware will be stored.
  • Hall, hall, dining room, living room. These rooms are face of the house and indicator of welfare of owners. Rooms are most often functionally integrated, sustained in one style. Here the best furniture is bought, finishing, the expensive equipment carefully is selected. The built-in such rooms furniture — cabinets for storage of clothes and footwear. The quality of performance and finishing of furniture has to be the highest.
  • Auxiliary rooms of the first floor and basement: storerooms, garage, workshops. More often in them establish continuous rows of shelves and racks. Furniture has to be strong, reliable and durable.
  • Rooms on the second floor of the house or penthouse. In these rooms the owners can implement the imagination completely. If longitudinal walls of penthouse inclined, in general advise them to make entirely of the fitted cupboards, without having forgotten about their warming and vapor barrier. Vertical walls can be executed in the form of continuous row of shelves, the broken window and door openings. It is possible to replace interroom partitions with bilateral cabinets from wooden bar with covering.

In the course of premeditation of interior surely evaluate expenses on purchase of ready furniture and production of built-in. Quite often shops carry out actions and sales during which it is possible to buy inexpensive furniture, having saved time and money on arrangement of the dwelling.

Advantages of the built-in furniture

The built-in furniture has number of advantages. First, owners have opportunity to show the taste and imagination. The products made by the hands will draw attention, to speak about sense of style of the creator.

Secondly, such furniture will help to save the budget. It is possible to create unusual and functional elements of interior from old cabinets and tables. Though even upon purchase of new material just for decoration economy will be very essential.

You should not forget also about economy of space of the room, possibility of transformation of the room. For example, folding table-tops allow to turn the room into dance floor or sports ground temporarily.

One more important plus — opportunity to quickly collect and to sort, if necessary, furniture, thanks to the huge choice of modern accessories and mounting modes.

Shortcomings of the built-in furniture

The main lack of the built-in furniture — high accuracy at production, available not to each beginning joiner. It is especially difficult to verify and establish hinged doors and sliding lockers, to maintain the accuracy of corners. It is the best of all to become skilled in utility rooms, gradually increasing skill.

The special purpose tool is necessary for qualitative furniture. At its acquisition it is necessary to count possible application on prospect that tools were not unused then.

Time for production of furniture is spent much more, than for purchase and assembly of ready. At the same time the beginning masters should be ready to the subsequent coloring or finishing of products to hide flaws in designs.

Workshop drawings and tool

Workshop drawings are basis of works on production of furniture. They are done by hand or in special programs which it is possible to choose and download online. The printed-out drawings in the course of work have to be constant in a visible place.

The high-quality and inexpensive tool is necessary not only in construction of the house, but also for production of the built-in furniture. The hand tool, as a rule, is applied incidentally. From electric tools it is necessary to get:

  • Circular saw on tree. It is intended for cut of boards and big massifs of plates.
  • Electrofret saw. For works with thin-walled plywood, creation of curvilinear surfaces.
  • For openings and apertures special drills on tree.
  • It is useful when finishing surfaces.
  • Screw driver. Now practically all fixing works are carried out by self-tapping screws on tree or metal. The normal screw-driver and the hammer are used very seldom.
  • Measuring tape measure. Will allow to verify all elements of the built-in designs with an accuracy of millimeter.

It is the minimum "gentlemen's set" of the electric tool of the modern joiner.

Material just for decoration and ways of performance

The built-in furniture more often is done of tree and derivative materials from it. Before getting all necessary for creation of designs, it is necessary to consider features of each material, their advantage and shortcomings.

Boards from whole tree

Boards from whole tree, especially rare breeds, are suitable for long shelves cabinets on all wall. Finishing of shelves or the colourless lacquer emphasizing the drawing of wood, or covering with dark solutions, "sostarivayushchy" structure of tree. Such regiments very effectively look on light background of wall and ceiling, especially if in interior of the room the country style is already put.

Edge edges of boards need to be studied very carefully, without allowing chips, surfaces are ground for 2 times by sandpaper of different fineness. Fastening of such shelves can be executed by means of assembly corners, with height of shelves on the board thickness that corners were not visible. If racks are carried out in garage, the storeroom, the auxiliary room — where thorough finishing is not required — it is better to use tree of the simplest breeds.


Chipboard — wood-shaving plate — the most widespread material. It is the plate pressed from mix of sawdust and shaving on glue. Practically all old furniture is made of this material. It easily gives in to processing, however quite brittle — most weak spots of fastenings and angular parts. The constant heavy load on long flights is undesirable as at it regiments are gradually deformed.

It is better for panel to fix threaded studs, wood or plastic nails. Are inserted into in advance drilled openings, the accuracy of adjustment of parts has to be very high. Fastening of panels from chipboard self-tapping screws is admissible unless in the shed or garage. Finishing of panels without covering is carried out by self-adhesive film or interline interval that will be more expensive, but will pay off beautiful design "under tree". It is possible to get ready plates, with already put lamination. To carry out cutting of such plates only the electrofret saw not to allow chips.


MDF — the plate executed from small - dispersive fractions. Production of the MDF panels is similar to the chipboard panels, but the first are much stronger, differs in the increased moisture resistance and durability due to other composition of the gluing pitches and technologies of pressing. The range of application of the MDF panels is wider, than chipboard, but it is compensated by rather high cost. All are executed by MDF of the panel with finishing.

Other materials

Plywood is used most often as covering of timber frame construction of furniture. Finishing of plywood is obligatory and similar to finishing of the chipboard panels.

One more material for covering of easy timber frame constructions — gypsum cardboard. Do of it not only the built-in furniture, but also mount false ceilings, partitions, false walls. Material very available, simple in work.

The big room can be broken, having arranged partition - the fitted cupboard opened in each zone in chessboard order. Usually fitted design cupboard, is carried out on all wall and serves as video system installation site. Finishing of such cabinet is executed, as well as finishing of walls: putty, painting. End faces of shelves become stronger metal angle units for gypsum cardboard. The beginning master can easily replace incorrectly mounted or made covering fragment with another, not especially worrying concerning material cost.

Accessories for the built-in furniture: racks, corners, handles, canopies, guides, hangers, fixture. Furniture accessories can be got both in the specialized center, and in simple hardware store. The choice of modern accessories blows the mind.

Installation of furniture after major repair or construction of the new house — the most concerning moment which marks the long-awaited end of construction jobs and the beginning of the new period of creation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team