How to make the built-in refrigerator

How to make the built-in refrigerator

The built-in refrigerator – the excellent decision for small space, besides, it will give to your kitchen the finished and ergonomic look. How to install such household appliances?


1. Be defined what fridge you want to buy. The leading manufacturing firms of such brands as Bosch, Liebherr, Siemens, Electrolux, Ardo, Kaiser, Whirlpool, Zanussi and others release as the compact models which are built in under table-top, and larger equipment taking a lot of place. Anyway, the fridge has to be placed conveniently in the headset and not cause inconveniences. Besides, the built-in models are more expensive than normal.

2. Precisely determine the sizes of the niche intended for installation of the refrigerating unit. If you make mistake, then it will not be possible to install in it the equipment simply therefore be very attentive.

3. Remember that ventilation is necessary for the fridge for normal work. If to install it under table-top, then in it there have to be special openings and if you place the unit box, then he should not be driven into the corner. Leave free space.

4. Attach the facade which is in harmony with the main tone of set to fridge door. Usually it fastens directly to door by means of bilateral adhesive tape. The unit is installed, as a rule, with bias back by several degrees. It becomes in order that the door was surely closed, and the fridge accidentally did not remain open.

5. If you consider that to buy the special built-in model for you too expensive, try to build in the normal fridge set. To it it will be difficult to pick up suitable facade, and there can be difficulties because of improper dimensions. In apartments with very small kitchen, the fridge is placed in corridor, having made special opening in wall. That part of the unit that it has as a result appeared in the room, mask in box from gypsum plasterboards. From outer end the main room needs to paste over them with wall-paper in tone, and the accurate niche in which it will be possible to hide even very big refrigerating device will turn out.

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