How to make the change house with own hands

How to make the change house with own hands

The change house – useful construction on the seasonal dacha which plays role of small warehouse. Here it is possible to store garden tools, overalls, chemicals and other accessories, locking them. Construction of the change house will not bring difficulties if to make detailed plan of works and to follow it from beginning to end.

Views of country change houses

Warehouse constructions on the seasonal dacha can be built both from classical wood materials, and with use of metal and other designs. Depending on it allocate change houses of the following types:

  • bar-shaped and timbered;
  • frame;
  • panel board;

Bar-shaped and timbered household lodges are one of the most widespread. The price of them is quite high, however at the same time they differ in reliability and durability. Besides, it is always possible to find in sale necessary spare parts for installation of the change house with all partitions and also additional equipment, for example, heaters. It allows to turn construction into bath if desired. For construction of the bar-shaped change house it is necessary to use bar with section not less than 100 by 150 mm. Position of joints has to be carefully proshpaklevana. Lining can become facing material for doors and partitions.

Frame change houses represent constructions, more available at the price, which are usually built without windows and with the minimum quantity of partitions for use only as warehouse. As framework will be applied bar with section 100 on 100 mm. Inside lining is made on the basis of lining. That the building remained dry all the year round, it is possible to establish in addition vapor barrier on the basis of mineral wool. Besides, floor and ceiling are created double, and thanks to imitation of bar as covering the change house it will be quite good to look externally.

Change houses containers represent the most durable buildings as are created on the basis of strong sandwich panels, strengthened by framework from metal channel. On the other hand, such design will have peculiar exterior therefore can be difficult to integrate it into the general design of the site. Nevertheless, the cost of containers is rather low, and if desired it is possible to get ready option at once, having delivered it to the site.

Acquisition and installation of the change house container can bring some difficulties. First of all it is necessary to examine finished product in advance, having evaluated degree its wear. Also expenses on rent of the crane equipment for transportation of construction will be required. At the same time it is important to learn whether transport will be able to approach the location of giving and to drive on the site. It should be noted that not in all settlements the journey of the heavy construction equipment is allowed. All these factors can become the hands solving in favor of construction of the change house.

Panel board constructions – the most inexpensive and simple in the constructive plan therefore this technology should be chosen for carrying out independent construction jobs. The basis (framework) of this construction is carried out from bar, and external covering — from lining. As inside lining MDF or chipboard is applied, and for role of heater polyfoam or glass wool will approach. Draft floor can be executed from edging board, and for fair covering to use tile. From above on construction the iron roof of small thickness keeps within.

Preparation for construction of the change house

Begin with the choice of the optimum place for arrangement of construction. It is the best of all to establish it in one of far corners of the site. In this case it will be possible not to pay much attention to exterior of the change house as it will be almost not in sight. One more option – close to kitchen garden or the garage room depending on the fact that it is supposed to store in the change house. However in this case plan the change house taking into account design of surrounding landscape.

Clear away the site for construction. It is important that it was equal and was located so that to it the loading equipment with construction materials could pass. The number of the last needs to be calculated, being guided according to the drawing of future change house. Considering the small sizes of the building, it is possible to create the drawing independently, however it will be even simpler to use the ready decisions provided on the Internet. It will be necessary for construction for you:

  • slag stones or brick for the base;
  • geotextiles and sand;
  • waterproofing materials;
  • iron armature;
  • concrete;
  • bar (150 by 100 mm);
  • lining;
  • sheets of ondulin for roof;
  • tile for floor;
  • materials for vapor barrier and warming.

Base construction

Initial and one of the most difficult stages of construction the base device is. The change house – rather lightweight construction therefore the column base is suitable for its construction. At the same time with it it will be possible to investigate quickly construction in the future if it stops being necessary. It is the simplest to establish the change house on slag stones which it is possible cheap probrest in the necessary quantity. Act as follows:

  • Remove fertile layer of the earth on the location of slag stones.
  • Well stamp the earth and lay it geotextiles.
  • Sand surface and once again stamp.
  • Establish slag stones on the prepared basis, having them along perimeter through each 1.5 meters.
  • Execute waterproofing of slag stones, using roofing material or bituminous mastic.
  • Fix timber frame construction of construction by anchor method.

If construction of the change house is planned for long term, the base needs to pay more attention. In this case after removal of fertile layer the laying of geotextiles and sand by layer in 5 cm with thorough ramming is made. Further on corners and through each 1.5 m along perimeter it will be necessary to dig holes under rod posts of 50 cm in depth. Lay holes geotextiles and strew with half-meter layer of carefully stamped sand.

The strongest is the base from bricks which height has to be not less than 30 cm. Armature from one meter high which is intended for fixing log is driven in into the central part of the base. Leave the empty site in the center and, having placed rods inside, fill in it with concrete. Surely execute waterproofing of columns, applying roofing material or bituminous mastic. Check their height by means of level, having made it identical on all perimeter.

Creation of framework of rooms

After installation of the base it is possible to start construction of the main part of construction. Create construction basis, having arranged on perimeter logs and having carefully recorded them. Further execute laying of cross and longitudinal logs. Begin installation of framework of the change house using bar with section 150 on 100 mm.

Mount floor and corner supporting poles. For reliable connection make vypila in logs and combine the ends of bars with each other, having recorded them self-tapping screws. Get logs on reinforcing contours. To record framework in vertical position, also use corners and self-tapping screws.

Mounting of roof

Start creation of framework for roof. For the simple and small change house will be rather lean-to roof which needs to be made of bars with section 50 on 100 mm. Place rafters in vypila of the bearing bars and record by means of self-tapping screws. Rafters have to go beyond change house perimeter approximately on 30 cm. Optimum external covering for roof will become ondulin as its laying does not require special skills.

Lay hydro- and paroizolyatsionny material on karsk of roof. After that place on rafters furring from wooden bars or boards. Execute mounting of sheets of ondulin, stacking them with an overlap by means of the fastenings which are included in the package. Move from below-up. As soon as the framework and roof are ready, it is possible to establish doors and double-glazed windows (if the design provides them).

Finishing work

The interior finish of the room will become final stage of work. Lay draft floor, previously processing boards anti-septic tank. Place two layers of waterproofing and one layer of mineral wool as heater. After leveling of surface lay tile as finished floor.

For material role the RSD will be suitable for internal covering if the construction is temporarily applied. For long-term construction it is better to use lining. Self-tapping screws are used to fixing of finishing materials. Do not forget about vapor barrier and warming of ceiling. From outer end the change house can be sheathed block house. It is necessary to make porch, to hang up hooks and other elements of internal furniture then construction of the change house can be considered complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team