How to make the chimney portal independently

How to make the chimney portal independently

It is pleasant to sit on shop in tenechka in midday sun, and here pulls in the cool evening to get warm at fire. Do you have no opportunity to make the real fireplace? Never mind! Today it is easy to solve this problem, on sale there is set of modifications of electrofireplaces (or fireplaces simulators). Very conveniently: it is not necessary neither to build flue, nor to reserve firewood. Only such source of heat demands the corresponding addition in interior or special registration. But also it is easy to cope with this task!

It can make such fireplace to everyone. The framework of niche consists of 4 parts: two side panels, top and front panel. The amount of dredging on the front panel depends on the sizes of fireplace which you want "to enter" there, and the size of all niche — on where you want to place it.

If the space is not limited and reserves of material allow, it is possible to make niche with wide panels. Then the fireplace will become self-sufficient, outstanding element of interior. So, we cut out from the sheet chipboard 3 elements — lobby and 2 side panels (it will be a question of the top part below). We connect them by means of the screw driver. Behind we fasten side panels with wide wooden level (for stability of design).

For dressing of niche we use the tile imitating brick. She is the different sizes, colors and textures — choose taking into account the general color gamma of interior or shade of oven surface.

By means of tiled glue we paste tile to chipboard. By the way, different options of "laying" of bricks are possible — not obligatory to place them strictly one above another. When everything dries, we cover seams between tiles cement slurry, and then we eliminate its excess.

The scheme of framework for fireplace

The part from laminated by chipboard, imitating the invoice of tree acts as the top panel at us (but it can be and "under stone"). In furniture salon it is possible to pick up the necessary shade, the invoice and to order part of the required size. It is not obligatory to paste it — it is possible to put just accurately over niche, and then to decorate it with framework with photo, figurines, hours, candles and other accessories.

Now things are easy — to place fireplace in niche, to remove back its cord, to connect — and it is already possible to be heated at "fire".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team