How to make the complaint to ZhEK

How to make the complaint to ZhEK

Community services of our country does not hurry to improve quality of service therefore we have to fight for the right to high-quality utilities independently. That our actions brought desirable result, it is necessary to understand rules of conduct of the complainant. And for this purpose it is necessary to know, where to complain and how to make the complaint to ZhEK it is correct.

It is required to you

  • Paper, handle, perhaps post envelope


1. For a start it is necessary to understand where it is necessary to complain to receive desirable result. Of course, it is possible to call the newspaper or on television, reporting that in your yard do not take out garbage in time. However in this case nobody guarantees result to you. And here if you file petition to prosecutor's office, then the probability of garbage removal by housing and communal services will sharply increase.

2. Choosing the addressee of your complaint to ZhEK, keep in mind that all complaints have to be submitted in writing. Also it will be better if you complain of ZhEK, without passing all possible instances.

3. Following on instances, it is necessary to begin with the complaint in ZhEK which serves you. Further, if housing and communal services do not take measures, to write complaint in regional office of Rospotrebnadzor is possible. Then it is possible to handle claim in the State housing inspectorate of the Russian Federation. The prosecutor's office and court will be final instances which can force housing and communal services to carry out the duties.

4. The complaint in ZhEK is formed in duplicate: the original is sent in ZhEK, and the vised copy remains on hands at the complainant.

5. The complaint in ZhEK has to be made out, move correctly in writing and be registered the organization accepting it. If the housing and communal services serving you refuse to accept at you the complaint in writing, the complaint can be sent to ZhEK by mail by the registered mail.

6. Of course, execution of the complaint or claim has the free form. However it is better to follow the basic rules of writing of official documents. The right top corner is taken away for details of the organization receiving the complaint and surnames of her head. In the same place the surname of the complainant and the address of its accommodation is specified.

7. Then, below and in the middle of the page, the document heading ("Complaint" or "Claim") is written. Even below from the new paragraph it is necessary to state essence of the complaint. Surely note that you are consumer of services of this ZhEK and honestly you pay them. Then it is possible to note that the provided services do not correspond to standards, having given examples of it.

8. It is also possible to add that this fact violates the rights of the consumer and Article 27-31 of the Consumer Protection Law. Then state the requirements for elimination of the reasons of the complaint in ZhEK. To ask to eliminate these defects and to make recalculation for the half-received services, having reported to you about it in writing in the time established by the law.

9. If the ZhEK ignores complaints, then (with the copy of the vised complaint or claim, with receipts on sending to ZhEK of the registered mail by mail) it is possible to address to Rospotrebnadzor and the State housing inspectorate. Perhaps, you will need to appeal to court or prosecutor's office. So accurately we keep all receipts on sending complaints and also copies of the vised claims and complaints.

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