How to make the conductor for drilling

How to make the conductor for drilling

When drilling openings very conveniently happens to use the conductor – the device which provides the set parameters of openings. In particular, the conductor can provide the required drill re-entering angle in part and exact coincidence of openings in interfaced (connected with each other) parts. The most ordinary conductors it is possible to get in shop, however devices with the exclusive parameters suitable under strictly certain task should be manufactured most.

It is required to you

  • Electric drill, welding machine, metal rolling, set of the metalwork tool, "Bulgarian".


1. Decide on the conductor's design. The design of the conductor is caused by parameters of part under which he is made. If openings in part are located on one straight line (on axis X), then the conductor will represent strip, corner or channel of certain length with the openings drilled in a row. If openings are located not on one line (with shift on axes X and U), then the conductor it is necessary to make of integral piece of sheet metal plate or to weld from metal section.

2. Make preparation for the conductor. Cut preparation from leafof metal or weld it from profile metal (corner, strip, channel). If you have part for which the conductor is made, use it as template at preparation production. If there is no part, apply general lay-out of openings on the sheet of paper or tins and use this leaf as template. When drilling it is very difficult to provide with electric drill perpendicularity of drilling. The drill deviates vertical position, and the drill enters part under any corner owing to what entrance and output openings on part are displaced from each other. The part is thicker, the shift turns out big. That it has not occurred, the conductor has to set drill – not to allow it to deviate strictly certain direction the line of drilling. For this purpose its thickness in zone of opening has to be increased – at least, to be twice more, than diameter of bore. To provide this requirement, weld on preparation of the conductor in zone of openings thick Platika from any suitable rolling – channel, corner and so forth.

3. Mark openings on the conductor. It is possible to refuse this operation in general if you have part under which the conductor is made. In this case use her as the conductor – press clamps to preparation and drill on it openings. If there is no part, or because of design it cannot be used as the conductor, mark openings on preparation by means of caliper and core. At difficult arrangement of openings for marking it is convenient to use template from leaf of Whatman paper with the scheme of openings put on it.

4. Drill openings in the conductor. Drill openings in nakernenny places. Use drills which diameters precisely correspond to necessary diameters of openings. Take care of that the drill tip when drilling did not leave aside (stippling has to be deep). It is necessary to take care also of perpendicularity of drilling. It is the for this purpose simplest to drill openings in the conductor on the drilling machine. If it is necessary to drill electric drill, take measures to that the drill entered part at an angle strictly 90 °. It can achieve by means of support (emphasis) for drill which will not allow it to deviate vertical.

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