How to make the correct brazier

How to make the correct brazier

Now on sale the huge range of the national teams of braziers from different producers and at various price is provided. They, maybe, are also suitable for single use. Having a little suffered to you, probably, it will be possible to prepare more or less edible shish kebab. But, having sorted purchased brazier once, the second time you you will not be able to bring together him. Iron at braziers thin, conducts it when heating. The brazier from thin iron badly holds temperature. On low temperature meat is not fried thoroughly. The sizes at the bought brazier, as a rule, small and they are not suitable for the big company. From here conclusion – make brazier.

It is required to you

  • - sheet thick iron
  • - corner
  • - welding machine


1. For continuous installation at the dacha or in the yard of own house it is necessary to make big brazier. Choose the size by the size of the skewers which are available for you and quantity of shish kebabs which you need to prepare for once. That is brazier length – by quantity of shish kebabs, width – by the size of skewers.

2. For production of brazier you will need the welding machine, thick sheet iron, strong corner.

3. From corner weld welding of leg and brazier framework. Cut iron by the necessary size – length to width and height. Weld the cut sheets on framework from corner. On sidewalls of brazier it is necessary to make round openings opposite to each other. It will allow to stir coals during frying and will serve as the improvised ashpit for functioning of air which is necessary when burning.

4. Weld bottom of brazier from thicker iron that it as long as possible has not burned through.

5. In order that the brazier did not rust, cover it with heat-resistant paint on several times. Independently welded brazier from thick sheet iron will serve to you not one decade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team