How to make the drawing on wall

How to make the drawing on wall

You have decided to decorate the apartment, to give it individual traits. To recover the boring and bothered wall indoors, it is possible to draw on it the beautiful drawing from the magazine or from the Internet, and the room will play in a new way at once. And if the drawing on wall you bothers, anew recolour walls.

It is required to you

  • - the picture with which the drawing will become
  • - pencil
  • - ruler
  • - acrylic prime coating
  • - acrylic paints
  • - brushes
  • - purchased template
  • - tracing-paper or plastic for self-made template
  • - sharp knife


1. Find the drawing or ornament which you want to see on the wall. If you are able to draw, then to transfer the drawing to wall, it is possible for you, just looking at the picture. Otherwise, be not upset, and pick up ruler and pencil. Divide the drawing into squares, draw the same quantity of squares on the prepared wall.

2. Attentively examine wall on which you are going to draw. If the wall is covered with plaster, then previously ground it acrylic prime coating that your paints well kept on wall surface. Good option if on wall there is already wall-paper under painting. They do not need to be covered with anything, and it is possible to draw at once.

3. Pick up pencil and, being verified with the picture, you put the drawing on squares. Filling of each small square on wall has to correspond to each small square on the picture. Thus, all your drawing will be postponed for wall.

4. Use acrylic paints for coloring of the drawing. They water-based, have no smell, perfectly are suitable for work indoors. Dilute acrylic paints with water to desirable density. The consistence of paints for the drawing on wall has to be average. Liquid paints can begin to flow, and it is difficult to smear dense paints. Acrylic paints well mix up among themselves, you will have no problems with shades. After drying of paint it is not necessary to fix by anything, they are not erased.

5. For drawing small drawings use templates. The template can be cut most or to buy in shop. When cutting self-made template use tracing-paper or thin plastic that at contact with paint template not razmok. Fix template on wall by painting adhesive tape. You put the drawing with sponge with which remove surplus of paint. At too damp sponge, paint can flow under template and damage the drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team