How to make the earth fertile

How to make the earth fertile

Many gardeners in the work are limited to landing of plants in the soil processed by previously some fertilizers, for example special compost. For receiving harvest of quite high quality of it it is quite enough. However in the long term the soil gradually loses the qualities. Special leaving is necessary for increase in its fertility.

Nitrogen fertilizers

One of the most useful substances for the soil are nitrogen fertilizers, for example manure. Their nutrients are very easily acquired by plants. However such fertilizers have to be applied with care. For prevention of pollution of vegetation microbes which can contain in such fertilizers try to bring them in the soil in three months before you begin to reap crop. Pay also attention that some substances which are contained in manure pretty fast get to underground waters and thus pollute them. Besides, frequent use of this fertilizer can result in glut of plants nutrients, for example phosphorus.


One of ways to avoid many troubles when using nitrogen fertilizers – to make compost on their basis. This substance which was more sparing the soil which already is in process of decomposition. Compost is fertilizer which is made practically of any organic waste materials. Its regular use in small volumes provides the soil with nutrients which considerably improve its quality, allow to hold for longer term in themselves moisture and help to struggle with many wreckers. There are several types of compost, for example the sheet compost received by combination of green and dry leaves or the biohumus which is product of processing of nutritious materials earthworms.

Landing of integumentary cultures

Cultivation of integumentary cultures very favorably affects fertile qualities of the soil. These plants supply the soil with many nutrients. Besides, their root system allows to saturate the earth with water and oxygen. One of the most valuable integumentary cultures are bean plants (haricot, clover, lucerne, etc.). They will transform the nitrogen which is contained in the atmosphere to form easily accessible for other plants. The combination of such cultures is also very useful for the soil, it increases the volume of the biomass getting into the soil, and the complexity and variety of root systems leads to improvement of structure of the soil.


One more way of increase in fertility of the earth – mulching. This process consists in earth surface covering various organic chemistry, for example straw or fallen leaves. The mulch allows to keep soil moisture and to avoid sharp temperature drop.

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