How to make the floor lamp

How to make the floor lamp

There is a wish to decorate the house with original things, to strike guests and friends with skill of the hands. It is possible to make independently many home decoration - hangers, regiments, framework for pictures and photos and even lamps.

It is required to you

  • - standard plastic cartridge with external thread;
  • - the fixing plastic ring corresponding to the boss's thread;
  • - wire 1.5х2 multicore copper in double isolation.


1. There is a lot of ways of production of self-made lamps. Here the simplest. You need the big balloon. Inflate it so as far as it is greatest possible. Tie sphere thread that it was not blown off. Pour glue or starch in tray for paint. Dip rice paper into glue and stick around it balloon. If you have not found rice paper in shops, any which well absorbs moisture will approach. Wind with paper cord sphere, it will give to future lamp of durability.

2. To make the lamp more original and beautiful, the second layer of paper has to be other color. Instead of paper it is possible to take the large and dried leaves of trees. Leave preparation to dry. When both layers completely stiffen, pierce sphere that you had empty, made by you plafond. Now strong adhesive tape to its primotayta to cardboard ring. Find wooden plate of any form, but by the size there is more ring (what remains from the used adhesive tape will approach). Attach cartridge to board.

3. Carry out the necessary cords and wires, twist bulb with power no more than 25 W. Put plafond on plate. Such lamp can be used as floor, and in desktop option, depending on the balloon size.

4. It is possible to make in a different way. You will need large amount of rigid tulle. Cut circle with a diameter of 160 cm, in this circle one more circle, with a diameter of 20 cm. At you five circles have to turn out, the outer diameter of each subsequent piece of fabric has to be less previous on 20 cm.

5. The first circle - 160 cm, the second - 140, etc. Impose fabric at each other in decreasing order of their size. Internal rings have to coincide. Fasten them with large stitches so that assemblies have turned out. Get from the old lamp bracket frame for the lamp shade and sew to yours. Now make basis for the lamp of the bound copper wire or take the processed wooden stick. Fix cartridge on basis, carry out wires, twist bulb and install the lamp shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team