How to make the greenhouse ready for the winter

How to make the greenhouse ready for the winter

The greenhouse from polycarbonate demands special care. It is especially important to make correctly the greenhouse ready for the winter. Only then it will serve long and the harvest next year considerably will raise.

It is required to you

  • - cleaning agent:
  • - rags and sponge;
  • - scissors;
  • - rake;
  • - shovel;
  • - sulfur.


1. After gathering the last vegetables, the greenhouse needs to be cleaned. Remove all plant debris, cut off all strings and wire which you tied up cucumbers and tomatoes lashes. Take out pegs. Rake up rake all garbage and pick up, and then burn because in such plant debris there can be larvae of wreckers.

2. Wash up internal and external part of the greenhouse by means of any cleaning agent. It is necessary that on polycarbonate greens from the breeding seaweed have not begun to appear. From them the light-transmitting ability decreases and we will not be enough for plants lighting.

3. Dig over the soil on shovel bayonet depth. At the same time remove all coming across roots of weeds. It is not necessary to level rake, the remained backs so will freeze.

4. Process the greenhouse sulfur. For this purpose spread out it on metal sheet and set fire. Sulfuric smoke will destroy all causative agents of diseases of plants and also the remained larvae and wreckers. Be careful, do not inhale this smoke because it is poisonous. After fumigating do not open for Toeplitz 5-7 days, later it is necessary to air.

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