How to make the house cozy and beautiful

How to make the house cozy and beautiful

It is not so difficult to make the house refined and beautiful how it seems at first sight. To create cosiness it is not obligatory to buy new furniture at all, to recolour walls and to do general expensive repair. It is enough to resort to small cunnings of decor and your room will appear before you in absolutely other look.


1. ZapahPervyy impression about the apartment is made on its smell. Place aromatic candles or sticks on room corners. It is possible to put on shelves sacks with herbs. The main thing that the smell was pleasant to you, did not irritate and did not cause allergies. In the bedroom the presence of the calming and weakening aromas is recommended. In study the smell has to invigorate and induce the person to work. In spring and summertime is desirable to put fresh flowers in rooms, they will fill the room with the aroma and will create joyful mood.

2. Color gammaot combinations of flowers of interior the mood of the person depends. Agree that you will not be able comfortably to feel in the room with gloomy and unloved you shades. At the first feeling of discomfort, pay attention to color registration of the room. If you love all positive, defiant and motley, add as much as possible bright shades to the interior. Light tone allow to create quiet and sincere situation. Replace curtains, curtains, covers and cloths.

3. UkrasheniyaUkraste the house various decorative suvenirchik, pictures and jewelry. No matter, what it will be knickknacks, the main thing that they were pleasant to you, reminded of any pleasant moments and, of course, reflected part of your identity. If you have favourite hobby, for example embroidery of pictures, molding from clay or occupation wood carving, surely put the works in a visible place. It will allow to create the atmosphere, pleasant and cozy for you.

4. Feeling prirodyobyazatelno add a little nature to the room. Put several houseplants on windowsill or the support which is specially intended for flowers. Fans of living creatures are recommended to get aquarium. Small fishes help to reduce stress, perfectly weaken and create the cozy atmosphere of tranquility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team