How to make the intercom

How to make the intercom

The coded locks once so popular in multi-storey buildings and also doors on latch which is closed from within have proved the inefficiency. To calculate what code on the lock it is not difficult – it is visible on the most threadbare digits, doors on latches bring inconvenience to residents and their visitors who cannot get inside without call by phone. Therefore, in the majority of stairwell there are intercom systems now.


1. All new houses are equipped with intercoms at once, and include their payment in housing cost, and in the subsequent in uniform receipts on payment. In "five-storey apartment blocks" the installation of the intercom is the business which is unanimously accepted by all residents of entrance.

2. Ring round suppliers of intercom services. Their addresses and phones can be taken in electronic reference books. Learn whether the specific firm provides services in installation of intercoms in your house and if yes, that take an interest in conditions, tariffs for installation, monthly fee and cost of keys. Also learn what privileges will be provided to you as to the organizer of connection. Many firms allow big discount to the organizer for the work done by him, and work not small.

3. You will need to bypass residents with the questionnaire in hands. Let in it there will be points on what does not suit residents in their stairwell. Most often such points it is gathered decently. Then it will be necessary to communicate to each neighbor separately regarding installation of phone: it is convenient, entrance always warm, less strangers will be, it is possible to equip entrance (at the expense of ZhEK) and to make it cozy and so on. Try to motivate them on that they and called other neighbors for it as, the more will be participants of installation, the to pay less everyone.

4. When on your party there are about 80% of apartments, begin to raise money. Already at this stage it is necessary to sign the preliminary contract with the intercom company. After collecting the necessary sum, you go to office of the company, pay work and materials, receive and wait when the long-awaited door to you is delivered.

5. In advance be ready to what so just to leave the money nobody will want to leave therefore in advance prepare telling arguments. By the way, statistics shows that most of those who have first refused installation of the intercom begin to be sorry about it over time. Exit for such people idle time – to go to office of the company and to sign the contract for installation and connection of the intercom to the apartment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team