How to make the Japanese curtains

How to make the Japanese curtains

Many east traditions and attributes are popular in our country. For example now many stop the choice on the Japanese curtains. Such registration of window very unusually and stylish looks and it is possible to pick up such curtains to any interior.

It is required to you

  • eaves for the Japanese curtains, fabric.


1. For a start choose fabric. In the homeland such curtains traditionally make of natural materials - silks, linen, cotton. Also the bamboo is used. However with fabrics it is possible and it is necessary to experiment and dream. The modern design allows both light and thin materials, and very dense. And the last it is even more preferable - they hold form better. Better choose color quiet - blue, green, white, pink, sand. Japanese give preference to pastel tones. However, if you want to recover your room, then safely make out window curtains of scarlet or bright orange color! Monophonic curtains are good, but can choose also with the drawing. It can be hieroglyphs, images of birds, trees, flowers. It is quite admissible to make panels of different flowers. When imposing at each other they will create interesting effect.

2. As a rule, for the Japanese curtains the special eaves, with width of panels of 60 cm are used. If you are going to use other types of fastening, then it is possible to make panels of other width. When determining amount of material consider - panels have to go end-to-end, or block a little each other. For example, at registration of window, 3 meters wide it is possible to make 5 panels 60 cm wide end-to-end. If you want to make with an overlap, then one more panel will be required. Curtain length - distance from eaves to floor. Do not forget to add 10 more cm - allowances for seams from above and from below. Increase this digit by number of cloths. Too consider allowances for side seams on 5 cm. Total width of fabric has to be 65-70 cm. For bottom of curtains make or get levels weighting compounds 60 cm long by the number of panels.

3. After cutting process at first side cuts and bottom of curtains. Below make drawstring. It has to be a little longer than weighting compound level. Edges of allowance not to zastrachivayta. Iron curtains, insert level weighting compound into the lower part. Now be engaged in upper part. To length of curtain add 1-2 cm - allowance under tape of velcro. That's all - you can hang up curtains on eaves. You can buy eaves in shop. Eaves usually happen two types - all panels allowing to shift at the same time or on one. Weighting compounds too often are included in the package. The mechanism of moving of panels works by the principle of vertical blinds - just pull for lace. You can choose more convenient model of eaves which mechanism works on the electric drive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team