How to make the most oil paints

How to make the most oil paints

Oil paints are the main material for oil painting. And if today practically all prefer to buy ready sets, then in the past each artist had to make oil paints for himself. Structures and secrets of mixing in many respects caused how pictures of different masters after drying look.

It is required to you

  • Pigments, solvent, oil, varnish, ceramic or glass vessels for mixing


1. Ware for mixing of paints should not be metal because many pigments are chemically active, they will react with metal surface. For mixing it is necessary to choose tanks from chemically neutral material. The same concerns also sticks by which paints will be stirred.

2. To connect pigment in oil paints, oil will be required. Its following types are used: linen, nut, poppy or hempy. Very seldom and in the special purposes use sunflower or olive oils. Also solvents – the flying liquids capable to dissolve pitches of plant origin will be useful.

3. Dye or pigment causes color of ready oil paint. Oil and solvent evaporate, harden, and paint dries. Pigments affect ability of solvents to dry therefore different paints dry with different speed. To control this process, various oils having different speeds of drying are necessary.

4. To make oil paints independently, it is necessary to take the pigment used for receiving paint of certain color and to add to it oils and solvents. For pigments various substances among which there are also toxic are used. Natural pigments are very rare and expensive, often replace them the most similar or synthesize. Before mixing oil paints, it is necessary to find out proportions of pigment, solvent and oil.

5. Various artists when writing pictures wish to gain own effects therefore add special substances to paints. For example, beeswax promotes that paint when drying was not stratified on dry and damp layer, and became more elastic. Still wax gives to paint dullness. Pitches allow to make surface of picturesque layer more smooth and glossy, and paint becomes more solid. Turpentine, well purified kerosene and varnishes dilute paints, but quickly dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team