How to make the mousetrap with own hands

How to make the mousetrap with own hands

Many people are interested in how to make the mousetrap with own hands. For example, for owner-occupied dwelling these little carriers of infection can become the real disaster. And in city apartments sometimes it is possible to see mice. These rodents spoil food, gnaw heater, leave black "pellets" everywhere. Meanwhile to make the simple design intended for catching of mice, independently absolutely simply.

It is required to you

  • - plastic bottle on 1.5 liters;
  • - two covers from plastic bottles;
  • - long thick self-tapping screw;
  • - glue;
  • - board of 150 mm.


1. So, how to make the mousetrap of these plain materials? To make such design, cut off three pieces from the prepared board. One of them will form the mousetrap basis. Two other bars have to have width approximately in 4 cm.

2. Pierce the self-tapping screw bottle through. Try to make so that it was located precisely in the middle of capacity.

3. Paste one of small bars in vertical position on the center of one of edges of the wooden basis. Twist in it the self-tapping screw. At you preparation of the mousetrap from bottle and board will turn out. The bottle has to be located slightly above the basis and shake freely on the self-tapping screw.

4. Now start the most responsible step in production of the mousetrap. Directly before neck of bottle put also in vertical position the second bar. It has to be located so that the bottle neck, being the raised, bottom edge slightly concerned it.

5. Cut off bar up to such height that the bottle leaning on its neck was it is slightly raised. At easy pressing the neck has to fall immediately down, without clinging to bar. Paste bar to the basis in the situation which is picked up thus.

6. Check — whether the neck down spontaneously falls. Board and bottle — quite good answers to question of how to make the mousetrap with own hands. But at production of similar design it is important to observe accuracy. If you have pierced bottle the self-tapping screw not absolutely on the center, and the neck nevertheless falls, use counterbalance. For this purpose just paste cover from bottle to its bottom.

7. Paste one more cover from other bottle over the sharp end of the self-tapping screw to side bar. In this case when using design in the apartment or owner-occupied dwelling you will not be wounded. That's all the mousetrap is ready. Check it for working capacity, having slightly pressed on neck from above finger. The bottle has to shake easily down.

8. Throw some bait, attractive to rodents, in bottle. It can be, for example, piece of bread, cheese, sausage , etc. Put the turned-out design where rustles and peep of rodents are most often heard. At you it has turned out rather effective adaptation. Such simple mousetrap — the quite good answer to question of how to catch mouse in the apartment or owner-occupied dwelling.

9. Next day check design in the morning. This mousetrap simply works. Domestic mice usually have the small sizes and besides have flexibility and can prolazit even in the smallest holes. Having tempted with bait, the rodent will easily get into bottle neck. As a result under its weight the design will shake down and front bar will close neck, having blocked mouse exit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team