How to make the oil heater

How to make the oil heater

The oil heater is the convenient, practical, silent mobile battery capable to warm not only the room, but also in certain cases all room (small). Oil heaters have already for a long time become current and today are used, probably, in every second family. The cost of such heater quite significant, but it is possible to save and make the battery independently.

It is required to you

  • - TENG;
  • - electrical wire;
  • - fork;
  • - support;
  • - plastic tube;
  • - surge filter;
  • - flyanets.


1. Get simple TEN in the market or on flea market. If there is opportunity, ask at friends and neighbors, can at them there will be damaged equipment. TEN optional has to be the worker, in our case it is possible to use that device which has begun to flow. For process of creation of the oil heater important that on TENe there was temperature regulator sensor.

2. Find pipe with a diameter not less than 100 millimeters. It will serve as the heater. Cut on the one side of pipe TEN, make flyanets other party of pipe, having made in it small opening. Make in opening thread on 16.

3. Ask electricians or if you have the corresponding knowledge, connect cord and fork in order that it was possible to give electric current to the device properly.

4. Fill in transformer oil which can be bought in any specialized shop in the available opening. Find support for the radiator. Any wooden board about 3-4 centimeters thick on which it is necessary to fix radiator by means of special fixing material will be great option in the specified case.

5. Find the convenient location for placement of the heater. It is the for this purpose best of all to choose the place in the middle of the room that it could be filled with heat completely. It should be taken into account also remoteness of sockets as the radiator will work from network. Connect the special surge filter. Turn on the manufactured battery in the filter socket.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team