How to make the pool for giving of tire

How to make the pool for giving of tire

Each owner of giving dreams that on its site there was pool. It will be unusual ornament and will help to be refreshed in hot summer days. But it is expensive and difficult to make stationary reservoir at the dacha if there is not enough time and money, it is possible to choose economic option – the pool from tire.

For this purpose make-shifts and minimum of time will be necessary, and you will be sure that the design will not tear, will not leak and will serve for many years.

Materials for production of the pool the hands

In the beginning it is necessary to find big tire, from the car, naturally, will not approach. It is better to find special equipment wheel, for example, from the K-700 tractor.

Also we need hacksaw to cut tire, cement bag, soap, sand or crushed stone, paint and any jewelry for the pool. It is also best of all to think over in advance how to decorate zone around the pool made with own hands.

Work stages

In the beginning we choose the place for the pool, the main requirement – it has to be equal. On the site we dig out hole 1/3 more than diameter of tire, we pour out sand or crushed stone. Further we prepare tire – we cut off one party, having left board. That knife or hacksaw it was easier to cut, it is better to grease the tire with soap solution in the beginning.

The next stage – we do cement slurry and we fill in with it hole for the pool, we stack tire and inside we pour out one more bucket, we level layer of mix and we wait until it stiffens.

How to drain water from the pool?

Of course, for this purpose it is possible to use buckets, but it is simpler to make the small crane. For this purpose the pipe, corner for pipe, 2 washers and lock-nut is required. We cut pipe in the lower part of the tire, we fix it by means of lock-nut and washers.

You should not worry that the tire will begin to flow, the design will remain rubber, hermetic thanks to features.

How to decorate the pool from tire?

It is possible to decorate tire in several ways. For example, to paint with bright colors or to lay out wall from natural stone. You should not forget about registration of zone around the pool. Nearby it is possible to break beds, the Alpine hill, to lay out footpath from paving slabs, to make group of boulders or to find big stone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team