How to make the project of cottage

How to make the project of cottage

Construction of the house always begins with its project, and often future owners seek to create own architectural masterpiece. But not to repeat mistakes, typical for customers, professionals when choosing the project advise to consider some factors.


1. So, experts recommend to design the house no more than two floors high. It is possible to add to them socle or basement where it will be possible to place sauna, the storeroom, billiard room and other utility rooms.

2. The following important factor - the correct location of rooms at which windows of the living room and the nursery have to look not at the northern, northeast or northwest parties, and at the South or the southeast. At the same time if your living room is on South side, is not necessary on opposite (from the North) to have kitchen and bathrooms because air, so, and unnecessary smells "will float" in zone with more high temperature, i.e. to the South. Especially exacting architects consider even arrangement of windows in adjoining houses, not everyone welcomes the curious eyes looking to others yard.

3. The classical scheme of design of cottage is thought up for a long time: the first floor is public places, the second - personal. Standard set of the lower rooms includes the platform, the hall or the hall, the storeroom, kitchen and the dining room, the living room and guest rooms, bathroom and shower. However it can quite be expanded if you have such desire, and at your purse – opportunity: to lay out here winter garden, to equip the pool, to place house cinema hall, etc.

4. On the second floor the hall (it can quite play living room role for kids), sleeping and children's rooms with bathrooms and clothes, balconies, etc., as a rule, have. The size of these rooms depends on their functional features. So, if it is only the bedroom, then its area can be absolutely small, and here on the nursery "save" it will not turn out because, as a rule, it combines in itself both the bedroom, and the educational room.

5. Study, billiard room, couple of guest bedrooms with the fitted cupboards – all this it is possible to arrange in penthouse. Today became fashionable to operate also roof – there, at will, the small pool, the vacation spot and even small "green" zone from bushes in tubs will quite be placed. This standard set can change, again, according to your desire and to financial opportunities. Anyway, construction of cottage according to the individual plan will allow you to create such house of which you dreamed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team