How to make the room fountainlet

How to make the room fountainlet

With approach of heating season air at us in apartments becomes to the land. Window and window leaf you will not open widely too and for a long time - there is no wish to release heat. Of course, it is possible to buy humidifier or to put cup with water on the battery, but room fountainlets which not only moisten air look much more attractively, but also serve as decoration of the apartment.

It is required to you

  • ware for fountain,
  • piece of hose,
  • pump for aquarium,
  • glue,
  • polyethylene film,
  • shells, pebbles and other decorative elements.


1. Pick up rather big beautiful capacity under fountain - it can be flower pot, jug, pottery, kettles and pots. If in capacity there are holes and openings, stick them with epoxy glue. Buy in specialized shop pump for aquarium, without sprayer and tip. The simplest pump perfectly will be suitable for the fountainlet, it needs to lift water jet only.

2. Buy haydite in flower shop, and shells and color soil for aquariums in pet-shop. Cut piece of polyethylene film of slightly bigger size, than capacity for the fountainlet. Cut off piece about ten centimeters long from aquarian hose. Put on it pump tip, having traced that openings in it have been open on all power.

3. Strengthen pump at the bottom of capacity, fill up it with haydite and level it. In polyethylene film make opening under hose and cover with film haydite that it did not emerge over water. On film from above fill up decorative soil. Find several enough big stones polished with water. From them by means of waterproof epoxy glue stick together support under beautiful big sink, having left in the middle hole under hose.

4. Establish support from above on soil, having passed through it hose. Choose beautiful big sink and drill in it glass drill opening diameter sufficient for transmission of hose. Pass hose throughout sink approximately on one centimeter. Around design from support from big stones and sink on it fill small shells, decorative stones and glass balls.

5. Pour water into fountain so that it not strongly filled in decorative elements, but completely closed pump. Water will gradually evaporate therefore it is necessary to add it constantly. Include pump and the room fountainlet made by you is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team