How to make the room is lighter

How to make the room is lighter

Light in the room is necessary by no means not only to have the best visibility. Good lighting visually does the room more beautiful, gives pleasures and tranquility to family members, reduces depression. Give look what needs to be made for "lighting" of the room.

  • Desire to improve the dwelling, paints, finance for purchase of necessary things and their arrangement.

1. The most obvious option is to let in more light the house. Open windows more often, let in as much as possible sun the house. If your room is in penthouse, in principle it is possible to open excess window. At windows it is better to make curtains transparent, white, yellow, cream or, at least, orange that they did not reduce sunlight. Remove flowers that they did not cover way to light from windowsills. Bring order, having tidied up all unnecessary things encumbering the room wash up windows and floor in the room. In general, damp cleaning and cleaning of the room of dust will promote the light atmosphere.

2. To create the atmosphere and visibility of light in the room. Furniture, wall-paper and walls of solar color will be ideal option (it is the best of all yellow or cream, with small impregnations orange). It is possible to lay the corresponding color carpets and linoleuma, it is possible to paint everything solar colors or to twist with fabric of these flowers, to cover things with cloths and capes. Also it is recommended to use small, but bright bulbs and LEDs, hanging up them on wall, be only not fond of quantity, otherwise their light will regularly blind you. Perfectly bright, cheerful drawings on walls and wall-paper – for example, the sun will approach!

3. There are also non-standard decisions on "lighting" of the room. And the main nuance here – the mirrors reflecting sunlight. And not only wall mirrors: now glass floors and ceilings become fashionable! Especially in our case the glass translucent surface of mirrors is appreciated – at its use the room will be filled with warm and soft light; It is For the same reason recommended to hang up crystal chandelier, to put in the room crystal and metal vases and so on. However, and here it is not necessary to be fond, the abundance of smooth surfaces can cause headache and gripes in eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team