How to make the room it is more

How to make the room it is more

The less room, the it becomes faster close. Therefore talent to keep everything in faultless order and on the places and at the same time to create visibility that the room is more, than actually – very useful gift. Everyone can develop it in itself(himself), the main thing is to approach business creatively.

It is required to you

  • Creative approach
  • Tendency to organization and order


1. The first step to make the room is more – to get rid of all superfluous. You will throw out everything, than you do not use absolutely, and what you use seldom, put to the storeroom or give on charity.

2. After that, try to update furniture in the room. Even while you have got rid of all unnecessary, you need the place where it is possible to put accurately those things which can be necessary at any time. Therefore use the special furniture having storage function, for example hollow chairs which open, etc.

3. The following step on the way to making the room is more – dressing and creation of accents. The small room should be arranged with exclusively small furniture. Choose only the most necessary. Do not you want your room to look as the storeroom filled with chairs, TVs and sofas?

4. Horizontal strips force the room to seem longer. You remember it during the choice of wall-paper. If you choose curtains, then do not forget that they have to be combined with color of walls, then the room will look more. Hang up curtains of bigger extent and length, than window. It has huge value for masking of the actual area of small spaces too.

5. The importance for visual increase in the room has light. The best decision is the maximum number of natural lighting – than its more, that the large room – therefore try to hold curtains open in the afternoon. And in night-time light each corner of the room, using different types of lamps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team