How to make the room visually more?

How to make the room visually more?

To increase the room, it is necessary to demolish some partitions and to connect it to adjacent rooms. What to do if there is no such opportunity? And how thanks to some design receptions visually to expand space?

We select color gamma and the geometrical drawing

Probably, some since school bench remember that white color visually increases objects, and black – narrows. Thus, for the small room it is recommended to choose wall-paper and furniture in light tones. It is not necessary to be afraid that they will merge in one big white spot. Just it will be required to play a little with shades.

It is the best of all to select furniture slightly more darkly, than walls.

It is recommended to stop the choice on pastel and cool colors as they allow to make space wider, and here it is better to refuse acid shades. They draw too much attention to themselves and visually reduce room dimensions. Some designers adopt to themselves one interesting reception – they intentionally paste over one wall with wall-paper with the geometrical drawing, and other three leave in neutral beige or light tones. At the same time it is important to remember that the drawing on wall-paper should not be too small or consist of large contrast ornament. If you have in the house low ceilings, then it will be reasonable to paste wall-paper with vertical geometrical strips, they "will extend" the room up. The ceiling will seem above. Also you should not apply contrast border, most of all in this case the ceiling baguette painted in white color will approach. And for those who are not afraid to experiment it is possible to advise the glossy stretch ceiling having the good reflecting ability or mirror stretch ceiling.

We select furniture

Multipurpose furniture which in the put state takes not enough place best of all will be suitable for small rooms. It can be the chair-bed, sofa bed, folding tables and so on. Besides, all this furniture has to have rather compact sizes and not look is bulky. You should not buy sofas with too volume pillows, it is better to adhere to strict geometrical forms.

It is also possible to increase room space, having hung up big mirror on one of walls.

It is recommended to pay attention to furniture and home decoration from glass: tables, figurines, vases, lamps. All of them are called to do the room easier and weightless. In general to owners of small apartments designers recommend to make out their dwelling in style minimalism and to avoid large number of various souvenirs, photoframework, figurines and other trifles creating feeling of dirtiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team