How to make the self-made compressor

How to make the self-made compressor

Occupation by aerographics requires not the really productive low-noise compressor developing pressure of 4-6 atmospheres. Commercial compressors in this case do not approach as shumna, have big overall dimensions and are inconvenient in operation. However the compact and convenient compressor can be manufactured and independently. And the cost of such device will be much lower, than at the branded device.

  • - compressor from the fridge,
  • - start-protective relay,
  • - electric the relay – the air pressure adjuster,
  • - the air pressure adjuster with the built-in manometer,
  • - connecting wires, sealed iron container on 5–7 liters,
  • - 2 fine filters of fuel,
  • - connection hoses,
  • - air T-coupler,
  • - collars.

1. Connect the start-protective relay to the compressor from the fridge, then include it. Visually define what tube on its body comes out air. Connect this tube hose to sealed container. It will serve as receiver.

2. Again turn on the compressor. Define in what tube air in the compressor is sucked in. Connect to it the first fine filter of fuel. It will serve as the air filter.

3. From receiver connect the T-coupler to tube. Connect the electric regulating relay to the second conclusion of the T-coupler. Connect wires from the regulating relay in rupture (consistently) of one of network wires.

4. Connect the air pressure adjuster with the built-in manometer to the third conclusion of the T-coupler. Connect the second fine filter of fuel to the output of the pressure adjuster of air. It will filter condensate.

5. Connect the feeding hose to the output of the filter. The compressor is ready, but it still should be adjusted on the required operating mode. If the air brush requires pressure 3-4 atmospheres, adjust the compressor as follows.

6. Turn on the compressor. Pump up in receiver air up to the pressure of 6 atmospheres. If the compressor with this pressure is not switched-off, release the adjusting screw of spring of the electric regulating relay of air pressure designated as t, to such an extent, so far the compressor will not be switched off with air pressure smaller, than 6 atmospheres. Gradually twisting this adjustment screw, achieve shutdown of the compressor with pressure in the receiver equal to 6 atmospheres.

7. Pit air from receiver. Notice air pressure in receiver at which the compressor will turn on. If this pressure is less than 4 atmospheres, tighten the additional adjustment screw of the electric regulating relay designated as Δt. This screw defines difference of pressure at which the compressor will turn on and will be switched off. If the compressor turns on with pressure, bigger, than 4 atmospheres, unscrew this screw until pressure of turning on of the compressor does not become the equal 4 atmospheres.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team