How to make the self-made smoking shed

How to make the self-made smoking shed

It is quite easy to smoke products at the dacha. For this purpose it is only necessary to make the smoking shed of improvised materials. Such construction will allow you to prepare delicacy at any time.

It is required to you

  • - hammer;
  • - nails;
  • - saw;
  • - tow;
  • - boards and bars.


1. From bar collect basis for the smoking shed. Bring down volume rectangle. Its height has to be about 2 meters, and width and length – meter. From three parties upholster this rectangle with boards. It is recommended for this purpose to use floorboard as it has groove and key. As a result the seamless wall has to turn out. If slots after all remained, then densely close up them tow.

2. From the fourth party there will be door. Precisely by the sizes of aperture make board of boards and attach to it the handle, loops and latch. After that beat loops to the body of the smoking shed and hang door.

3. Do roof dual-slop of wood. Similar to walls kill Paule with board. Meet the main conditions – density and lack of slots. In roof make square wooden pipe. It surely has to have latch. You can establish normal oven latch which will serve as peculiar door for smoke exit in pipe.

4. Further you pass to production of internal shelves. At once It should be noted, between boards there have to be slots. Smoke has to pass through them freely. It is recommended to do gap in 2-3 cm. Under regiments twist iron hooks. On shelves it is convenient to smoke large products, and on hooks – small.

5. After that you pass to assembly of the furnace. For a start it is necessary to cut out leaf chalk. You need to make cube of 50х50х50 in size. In cube weld in one more leaf which has to separate the furnace in two. Do seam complete, slots should not be. As a result at the oven two hermetic compartments have to turn out. In one compartment there will be fire chamber, and in another – sawdust. In the lower compartment make opening and weld in in it pipe. Through it there will be smoke. This pipe has to approach the smoking shed densely. You needed to make door for fire chamber. Consider, the door has to be closed densely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team