How to make the self-made wind generator

How to make the self-made wind generator

Recently the issue of use of alternative energy becomes very topical. All wind generators can be separated conditionally into two types - industrial and house. It is quite possible to manufacture the home wind generator the hands.

It is required to you

  • - rotor;
  • - metal barrel or bucket;
  • - generator;
  • - voltmeter;
  • - relay for accumulator charging;
  • - drill;
  • - mast;
  • - switch;
  • - keys;
  • - charge lamp relay;
  • - wires;
  • - nippers;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - collars;
  • - bolts;
  • - tape measure;
  • - marker;
  • - scissors on metal or the Bulgarian.


1. Choose type and power generatoradlya independent installation both vertical, and horizontal models of wind generators approach. However, assembly and mounting of the horizontal wind generator is more difficult task. The rotor - vertical - generator has higher coefficient of removal of air and it is much easier to balance it. It is necessary to know that the more the generator capacity, the more difficulties can arise at its installation and balancing.

2. Flood the three-point base. The area and depth of the base depend on quality of soil and also climatic features of the area. It is necessary to consider that the mast of the wind generator can be established only after full hardening of the base - approximately in week. Alternatively installations of mast it is possible to use extensions. Dig out hole about 0.5 meters in depth. Establish mast and record it by means of extensions.

3. Choose diameter of the rotor taking into account mean wind speed.

4. Make wind generator blades. For this purpose take metal barrel and separate it into four equal parts, having made marks by means of marker. Cut blades by means of the Bulgarian or scissors on metal. Make necessary measurements and plan places of fastening. Attach preparation to the generator by means of bolts. Unbend blades at necessary size.

5. Attach wires to the generator and collect chain. Fix the generator on mast. Attach wires to mast and connect the generator in chain. Connect the accumulator to chain. Connect loading, using wires. Your wind generator is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team