How to make the shelf for flowers

How to make the shelf for flowers

With taste the picked-up flowers can become decoration of any apartment. Before being engaged in transformation of the dwelling into greenhouse, it is worth thinking over what will be shelves for flowers. It is possible to make them with own hands.


1. Regiments for flowers can be the most various forms and the sizes. The most widespread of them – shelf in the form of ladder which fastens on wall, suspended basket or the rack located on floor.

2. Can make the simplest shelf any who owns the minimum skills of work with the tool. Structurally such shelf represents the horizontal surface supplied with vertical racks.

3. To make the shelf for flowers, you should stock up with wooden plates or plywood, scraps of plastic or metal. Also paint which will help to prevent wood rotting is required. Varnish quite will be suitable for these purposes also.

4. Thickness of horizontal support on which flowers will be established has to maintain their double weight. Special attention should be paid to fastening of horizontal surface which has to be executed reliable in order to avoid falling of flowers from the shelf.

5. Flower regiments will look very beautifully if to place them at different height. Consider only that it is more difficult to look after the flowers located too highly. For bigger convenience it is possible to supply regiments with the special device allowing to lower flower for watering.

6. If you make the shelf for placement at window, try to use for this purpose thin materials. Otherwise the power of the luminous flux which is passed through window can strongly decrease. It is desirable to use glass. However production of the shelf for glass flowers assumes big accuracy, accuracy and care of processing of parts. Width of window shelves should be coordinated to the sizes of window opening.

7. The shelf conceived in the form of the rack demands bigger stability in comparison with other designs therefore for its production use more volume and strong materials.

8. Before places flowers on the shelves made own hands, not superfluous to specify requirements to temperature condition and the need of flowers for lighting. These data will help you to choose correctly the place for each plant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team