How to make the shelf for footwear

How to make the shelf for footwear

In order that footwear served not one season and as it is supposed on its life cycle, behind it is necessary very good and, the main thing, the correct leaving. Competent storage conditions considerably will increase the term of life of your favourite boots. For storage of footwear special regiments are used. However, it is not always possible to find that which will suit you. The only exit is to try to make the shelf for footwear independently.

It is required to you

  • - round pins;
  • - screws;
  • - metal corner;
  • - screws with nuts;
  • - paint.


1. Before getting to work, take measurements of cabinet where the shelf will be placed and in case the independent piece of furniture is supposed, then from the place where the shelf will stand. Draw constructive parts with the indication of the exact sizes and also the scheme of their consecutive assembly.

2. Prepare materials for work with them. Saw fibreboard on the necessary quantity of plates which can be rectangular, square, round and even triangular shape. Carefully process edges of the shelves by means of abrasive paper or the special machine for grinding of flat surfaces.

3. Make all measurements of length of height of the future shelf, then note places for drilling of holes where parts of your shelf by means of special corners will fasten. By means of drill make all necessary openings in shelf parts. After that, drill the same openings once again, but from reverse side then carefully grind edges of openings to be sure of durability of your future shelf for footwear.

4. By means of bolts connect shelf parts, having fixed edges by specially prepared metal corners. If you want to be sure that your shelf will serve long and will not break at the first unpleasant combination of circumstances, secure bolts and places of connections by glue. However, keep in mind that to sort this shelf, without having damaged its part, you will hardly be able.

5. After you have collected the shelf for footwear, prepare paint and paint it, using the short-haired roller. By the way, paint, getting to openings, promotes the best fastening of parts. After painting let's the shelf dry and you can safely use it until it bothers you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team