How to make the shelf wooden

How to make the shelf wooden

If you do not know any more where to put books or small porcelain and metal figures, their every time should be shifted from one place to another to get necessary things from bedside table, to open window or to put bag on regiment in the hall; that you need to make several wooden shelves and to remove on them the disturbed objects. Shelves in the form of squares allow to create the additional areas for storage of things indoors and also, thanks to their universal look, easily fit into any interior.

It is required to you

  • - wooden cloth 4 cm thick
  • - vice
  • - workbench
  • - opaque paint for wooden surfaces
  • - paint roller
  • - pencil
  • - 4 self-tapping screws
  • - on the 2nd guides for each shelf
  • - self-tapping screws and dowels for fastening of shelves to wall
  • - putty for wooden surfaces
  • - abrasive paper
  • - wood saw
  • - drill
  • - drill on tree with diameter corresponding to diameter of self-tapping screws


1. Fix vice on workbench. Clamp vice wooden cloth, mark and cut rectangle, longwise equal to the necessary size of the side of future shelf. Then, also clamping bar in vice, cut 1 more same rectangle.

2. Subtract value of thickness of wooden bar from value of length of the cut side of the shelf. It will be length of two following rectangles. Cut these rectangles with length received during calculations and the former width equal to width of two previous parts. That is all parts of the shelf have to be of same width, and on value of length of one couple parts has to be less value of length of other couple on value of thickness of wooden cloth.

3. Process edges of wooden pryamugolnik abrasive paper that they became smooth and on them there were no "hangnails". Put the cut rectangles in the form of square (the longest parts have to be from above and from below, and short - at the left and on the right). Note and drill openings for self-tapping screws so that they were from above and from below regiments.

4. Connect four parts of product self-tapping screws. Putty for wooden surfaces disguise places of fastening of the shelf. Let's putty dry.

5. Paint the shelf opaque paint for wooden surfaces, using paint roller. Wait until paint dries. It is reasonable to paint at first part of product, and after drying of the painted surface to invert the shelf and to paint remained.

6. Attach guide to each side part of the shelf from backside so that guides were located at identical height. Drill in wall 2 openings at the necessary height, insert into them dowels and attach the shelf to wall self-tapping screws.

7. Square regiments can be hung up not only in one row - you can think out their arrangement. Having attached regiments on diagonal, "chequered pattern" or having created composition from different in the size and color of shelves, you will give to your apartment special highlight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team