How to make the smoking shed with own hands

How to make the smoking shed with own hands

The country house or giving can become the great place for arrangement of the self-made smoking shed especially as it is not so difficult to make it. Operation of this device will not involve from you big costs, and the smoked bird, fat, fish and meat are guaranteed to you as soon as possible, and the best quality. So, time for production of the smoking shed own hands has come.

It is required to you

  • - barrel;
  • - metal rods;
  • - pipe or Cardan;
  • - chips or sawdust;
  • - blow torch;
  • - bucket;
  • - metal gauze.


1. It is simple to make the smoking shed own hands of old barrel. If you have decided to use for this purpose metal barrel, then burn it on fire. If barrel wooden – carefully wash it and dry up. Drill sideways barrels several openings for metal twigs on which products for smoking will be suspended further.

2. For production of the smoking shed you also need so-called glass which should be inserted into opening at the bottom of barrel. It can be made of pipe with a diameter of five-six centimeters or Cardan, having soldered one end. Thickness of this glass has to be no more than three millimeters, and length – four-five centimeters. It was necessary only to fill on bottom of glass of chip and shaving of alder tree and to heat blow torch, on rods to suspend fish or meat for smoking.

3. The normal metal bucket can be adapted for production of the smoking shed. Take bucket with cover and insert into it the prepared grids from steel wire, with a diameter of three-four millimeters. Adjust the size of grids by the bucket size, one grid has to be established at distance ten centimeters from bucket top, the second – is five centimeters higher.

4. Fill on bucket bottom alder sawdust, shavings or small cut sticks layer in two centimeters. Lay fish or meat on grids, cover bucket and put on fire. The more there will be fire, the chips for smoking will begin to smolder quicker, characteristic fragrant smoke will appear. It is not recommended to open cover in the course of smoking. Upon termination of remove bucket from fire and wait when the smoking shed cools down. Then remove fish or meat and air within fifteen minutes, now products are ready for use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team