How to make the tableau vivant of succulents for decoration of the living room or terrace

How to make the tableau vivant of succulents for decoration of the living room or terrace

Tableau vivant can become unusual ornament both the living room, and terrace in the fresh air. Their plus is that they are not static, and constantly change in the course of growth and development of plants. According to the landscape designer from the USA Cara Meyers, succulents are suitable for vertical gardening in the best way as slowly grow and need moisture very little. Succulents are rich with various shades and textures that allows to create from them, really, interesting composition.

It is required to you

  • - photoframe or frame for picture;
  • - middle part of casket or small box from tree, suitable to frame by the size;
  • - plywood;
  • - metal gauze;
  • - hammer;
  • - nails;
  • - palette;
  • - shanks of slowly growing succulents;
  • - soil for succulents or universal soil.


1. From the chosen plants we cut small shanks, deleting the lower leaves as roots in these parts will grow. We leave shanks on tray for drying for several days.

2. By means of nails or screws we connect frame to middle part of the wooden casket or box suitable by the sizes. If there was nothing suitable, this part can be made independently of tree.

3. Using the palette, we insert grid between frame and walls and we fix it. Cells of grid have to be such size not to allow the soil to get enough sleep from picture, but in them stalks of plants have to be located.

4. We cut out piece of the necessary size from plywood and we arrive its nails to back part of our design.

5. If necessary the frame can be painted. To give it effect of old times, it is necessary to allow to dry up to paint several minutes, and then to wipe with pure dry fabric.

6. After the frame completely dries, we fill our design with the soil, pushing soil through grid cells. That the soil laid down evenly, it is periodically necessary to shake frame. Soil is filled until its level does not reach grid.

7. By means of stick or pencil we make landing of the prepared shanks of succulents in mesh cells. Before landing the shanks do not need to be processed korneobrazovaniye stimulator, they and without it perfectly take roots.

8. First of all we plant large plants, and then - those that less. We make landing so closely to each other as far as it is possible. After completion of work some parts of grid will be still visible. Do not worry, in process of growth of plant will close them.

9. Within two weeks (before rooting of plants) the tableau vivant from succulents has to lie horizontally, in the place protected from direct sunshine. During this period it is also not necessary to water plants but only from time to time to spray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team