How to make the teeter

How to make the teeter

Swing is loved practically by all children, irrespective of age and sex. Even teenagers wish to sweep with breeze and to make semi-sun, and for the smallest it is just indispensable attribute of the childhood.

It is required to you

  • Ready teeter on ropes, furniture bar, two fastenings for it, drill, screws, hacksaw


1. To find the answer to question of how to make the teeter, first of all it is necessary to decide on where their placement is planned. If funds for acquisition of stationary swing lack, it is much simpler to buy the teeter from tree or plastic with strings as fastenings. By the form this swing practically differs in nothing from those which were present at the childhood of modern parents. They are mobile, easily are removed from support and do not disturb even in the most small-sized apartment.

2. As fastening it is possible to use normal accessories just for decoration. Two fastenings for bar which are fastened or in door opening, or in that part of corridor where there is free space for rocking undertake. After that it is necessary only to cut off the piece of pipe by the sizes coinciding with distance between two these fastenings and to insert it into them. Further it is possible to arrive in two ways. Or initially to select pipe diameter it is less, than ready rings on fastenings of swing, or to hang up pair of clasps on pipe. The last method is more preferable as in this case swing can be removed easily whereas in case of fastening directly on pipe they and dangle in the middle of pass.

3. If the teeter for giving is chosen, then here it is still simpler. The option when it is possible to establish stationary swing on the basis of metal pipes is ideal. Such design will serve decades, especially if swing fastens not on ropes, and on chain. But as support the normal bough of tree also will be suitable for their fastening. It will be necessary only to think over the most optimum and safe way of fixing of swing.

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