How to make the type-setting handle for knife

How to make the type-setting handle for knife

At normal way of production of the handle for knife the piece of tree of the size of future handle undertakes, in it the opening under the knife pin (its tail part) is drilled. Preparation is got on the pin and is exposed to processing. At such technology it is quite difficult to place tail part of knife precisely on the center of preparation. There is a solution – it is possible to make the handle type-setting.

It is required to you

  • Maple board, brass rings, hacksaw, file, file, abrasive paper, drying oil, sheet of paper and pencil


1. The offered option of production of the handle for knife does faying process simple and also allows to bring cross-section of fibers to visible part that does knife more impressive and interesting.

2. On the sheet of paper represent knife blade, having circled it with pencil. Over silhouette draw the expected sketch of handle. Apply grid on width of rings for determination of width of rectangular preparations on the sketch.

3. Prepare maple board and cut from it squared preparations. It is possible to use the sizes in three quarters of inch on one and a half inches.

4. Cut out pads which will go to handle faces from brass.

5. On maple preparations with use of the sketch on silhouette note openings on rings under tail part of knife.

6. Drill openings, then as mill choose partitions and bring file to the necessary form. Pads and parts of the handle get on edge from tail part. Preparation of the handle has turned out.

7. The stage of operational development of the handle comes until ready. File borders of rings that the integral piece has turned out smooth out in the beginning. Now the handle is formed. Thus be more often verified with the sketch.

8. The ready handle needs to be processed carefully abrasive paper of various granularity. On ideally processed handle surface the structure of wood is shown in all the beauty, playing natural paints. Now it was necessary to process handle drying oil. The knife is prepared for use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team