How to make the washbasin of plastic bottle

How to make the washbasin of plastic bottle

At the dacha, in campaign, on picnic the washbasin is necessary. The normal plastic bottle will become the excellent washstand. There are several designs of the street washbasin from plastic container.

The simplest device for water supply

Any person who is able to hold knife and nail in hand is capable to make such washbasin. For this device it is better to take big 2-5-liter bottle. Carefully cut off sharp knife its bottom. Now capacity needs to be suspended to tree, column or to wall of the house, shed. If you have grid string-bag, then place the washbasin from plastic bottle in it up cut. Pass neck of the vessel through the lower cell of grid. Hang up handles of string-bag on the hammered nail or fix by rope. It is possible just to bind the washstand. On column, its arch fix by means of wire or collars.

Now it is necessary to be defined what will be stopper. It is possible to leave it in original form. That when opening stopper on hands several small streams flowed, make in it openings. For this purpose take thin long nail and the hammer. Fit edge to cover, strike nail. There is enough 4-6 punctures.

If you are afraid to get to yourself the hammer on finger, then heat nail tip on fire, holding it flat-nose pliers for cover. Bring the heated nail to cover, make opening, then again heat and do other holes. It is possible to hammer one nail in the middle of cover, to grind its sharp end. Now pour at the top water in bottle. When pressing from below nail, it will flow to you on hand. If you have used two previous designs, turn off cover just a little and the necessary amount of water will pour down from under it or from the made openings. For production of the washbasin it is possible to invert bottle, to make sideways it upper part at one level of 4-5 small openings. After that close them palms, fill bottle up to the top with water. Suspend design up bottom. When you slightly slightly open bottle, from holes water will begin to flow, beautifully gushing forth.

Slightly complicated design

You can make the washbasin of the plastic bottle prepared as it is described above, having complemented it with the crane. For this purpose make sideways the lower part of big bottle opening. It is easy to cut it small scissors. Establish in hole sgon which is on sale in shops of plumbing. In the same place get 2 laying and establish them from two parties of sgon, clamp them nuts. Install the crane, pour water and feel influence of civilization in campaign, in the forest or on kitchen garden. If you have faucet from the old washing machine, attach it insulating tape to bottle neck. It will turn out simply and conveniently. Open the crane and wash in the pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team