How to make tiled ""apron"" in kitchen

How to make tiled ""apron"" in kitchen

To close the wall space adjacent to working surface for cutting and cooking, use tile. Knowing rules of its laying, it is possible to make with own hands apron which will not only protect wall, but also to decorate kitchen.

Part of wall which is between kitchen table-top and hinged cabinets is called apron. It can be trimmed with strong, moisture resistant and esthetically attractive material – tile.

Surface preparation to laying of tile

In order that work on the device of apron has been performed qualitatively, it will be required to have available the following tools:

- plitkorez; - Bulgarian; - palettes: rubber (the small size), with toothed edge, with narrow direct edge; - perforator; - pencil, tape measure, the square for wall marking; - construction level; - tanks for mixing of solution and finish;

The beginning of works – removal from that part of wall on which the kitchen apron, old finishing material will give all the best. If necessary this surface is leveled, from it dust is removed then the layer of primer of deep penetration is put. If the volume of lot of work, is more reasonable to use not brush, but the roller. The next stage of work – installation of initial levels. They will serve as support for keeping of the first row of tile in the necessary situation. At first by means of pencil and construction level draw equal horizontal line in that place where there will be the lower edge of apron. Then take the perforator (drill) and drill openings under plastic or wooden chopik. Put strong rail to wall and by means of self-tapping screws fix it in the necessary situation.

What binding to use for laying of tile?

In retail chain stores there are many types of the glue structures intended for work with tile. It is possible to choose any of them. These mixes make in the form of powder to which it is necessary to add water. Stir glue structure by means of the drill equipped with the mixer. For laying of tile it is possible to use Guarantor mastic which is intended for strong fixing on walls of products from various materials.

Technology of laying of tile for kitchen apron

On reverse side of tile there is ridge ceramic surface which needs to be covered with the prepared glue. Further, the tile is pressed to wall surface and held with hands during 5-10 sec. Then take the special plastic "crosses" intended for the device of seams, equal and identical by the size, and put them between row the standing tiles. To check correctness of laying of several parts of apron, use the construction level not less than 50 cm long. If there is need, by means of plitkorez carry out undercutting of tile. After time recommended by producer of tiled glue is sustained carry out finish of seams. For this purpose use special mixes which can be as powdery and demanding preparation, and in the form of damp paste.

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