How to make trap

How to make trap

The person made various traps for living creatures from time immemorial. But also today, in our civilized time, traps can be useful. If you have got into extreme situation, have got lost, were cut off from the world, you should care for livelihood independently. In this case to be useful the simplest trap for fishes. It is easy to make it most and it works 24 hours a day.

It is required to you

  • Two empty plastic bottles, knife, pricker, fishing line.


1. Find two polutoralitrovy plastic bottles, the benefit, today in the nature is a lot of such garbage. At first cut off from one bottle its upper part, that which passes into cone. If near at hand there is no knife, it is possible to use sharp stone, splinter of glass and other similar objects. Unscrew cover from the cut-off cone. Then in the same way cut off bottom from other plastic bottle.

2. After two parts of design are ready, thrust that part of bottle which is less, into other part of the second bottle with cover. You in hands have future trap consisting of two segments. Now they should be fastened among themselves. Along outer edge of parts of the bottles passed one in another make hole pricker with step 2-3 cm. If sewed under ruyeky is not present, the sharp stick or heated nail which will melt plastic will approach.

3. Through the holes done in plastic bottles miss fishing line, having fastened two parts of design among themselves. If there is no fishing line, it is possible to take laces, any rope, even natural fibers. It is necessary to leave the long end of fishing line or rope. Now for this end it is necessary to bind trap for bush or stone along the coast. It is the best of all to put trap in river bottleneck, more fish goes there. In such adaptation the small small fish will come across - up to 8 cm in length. To get production, it is necessary to unscrew cover bigger of bottles. The small fish will drop out outside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team