How to make turning lathe

How to make turning lathe

Modern turning lathe – complex technical system without which practically any serious production does not do. Quite often and in life it is required to turn some parts, say, from wood.


1. Assignment turning latheof - processing of parts from wood, plastic, bone or metal. Such processing is conducted by motionless cutter at rotation of the preparation fixed in the machine. Actually, it is impossible to call the processing tool completely motionless as the cutter or chisel is required to be moved rather rotating preparation.

2. With certain skills in houseof conditions you can manufacture the simple manual machine called whip. Its design is extremely simple and functional. Not the last role in design of whip turning lathe is played by the so-called steel centers. Them if desired and need can quite replace normal nails or bolts of the corresponding size. You should process the ends of bolts file, having ground on the dulled cone.

3. Also two wooden racks will be required. In these racks drill openings diameter corresponding to the size of bolts (nails). Important the fact that openings have to be located at absolutely identical height to the basis. Through openings pass bolts so that their sharp to the end were the friend opposite to the friend. Screw on the bolts suitable by the size and thread pitch of nut. Such nuts will not allow the centers to move back.

4. Important part of whip turning manual lathe – the so-called elbow rest which is support for cutter or chisel. It is recommended to manufacture the elbow rest of couple of plates which should be connected at right angle to each other by means of glued joint or having screwed one on another.

5. Slightly slanted should execute vertical plate of basic element. It is desirable to attach to it iron strip, otherwise the chisel will crash into tree. In horizontal plate of the elbow rest execute cut that it could is operated to move concerning the processed preparation.

6. For possibility of free movement of the elbow rest along preparation in the basis it is necessary to make number of openings in which the punch will be screwed up. The wooden blank which is subject to processing should be screwed densely nuts of center bolts. The piece of work has to keep strong and rotate freely.

7. Processing of parts on the whip turning lathe made by you the machine happens at their rotation only in one party. At all possible inconveniences, your turning lathe will be irreplaceable in economy at production of many useful things, whether it be chess figures, pieces of house utensils, leg just for decoration, etc. The work spent by you for production of the machine the hands will pay off a hundredfold.

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