How to make ultrasonic bathtub

How to make ultrasonic bathtub

Today ultrasonic baths have won inconceivable popularity. With their help it is possible to wash out the printer cartridge with the dried-up ink, to sterilize surgical instruments and optical devices, to clean jewelry, payments and many other things. And to make ultrasonic bath, it appears, it is possible also the hands.

It is required to you

  • - Glass or plastic tube;
  • - coil;
  • - round magnet from the loudspeaker;
  • - liquid for ultrasonic bathtub;
  • - porcelain vessel;
  • - pulse transformer;
  • - steel framework;
  • - pump.


1. Take the glass or plastic tube on which reel up the coil. And, the ferrite rod has to hang freely. For the end of rod dress the round magnet removed from the loudspeaker. As a result the magnetostrictive converter will turn out.

2. Build in porcelain vessel in steel framework of mobile type that in the future the ultrasonic bath could be moved without problems.

3. Drill opening into which insert head with the magnetostrictive converter in the vessel bottom.

4. Make in vessel entrance and output branch pipes, that is openings through which liquid will come to ultrasonic bathtub and to merge from it. If the created ultrasonic bathtub is the big sizes, its design can provide the special pump accelerating intake of liquid.

5. For the purpose of increase in tension for work of ultrasonic bathtub use the network pulse transformer intended for the personal computer or television power supply unit.

6. Carry out trial run of ultrasonic bathtub for the purpose of identification of errors in its work and failures. In case of detection of those immediately eliminate them, otherwise the ultrasonic bathtub will not be able to carry out the task assigned to it, that is all efforts will be useless.

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