How to make up black shadows

How to make up black shadows

and attractive black make-up - prerogative of night-time and special cases (parties, celebrations). Makeup artists recommend not to do it hastily, otherwise there is risk to receive as a result not the ardent and inviting look and greased and vulgar image.

It is required to you

  • - liquid foundation
  • - the moisturizing cream
  • - cotton pads
  • - pencil
  • - powder
  • - shadows
  • - ink


  1. Black shadows ideally look on clean face. If on skin there are reddenings or the inflamed pimples, about bright make-up out of the question – it will even more emphasize your shortcomings.
  2. Level complexion suitable liquid foundation or transparent powder (that shadows kept better, it should powder slightly eyelids), then start make-up.
  3. Bring planimetric pencil upper and lower eyelids along the line of growth of eyelashes. Use only coal-black pencil, otherwise as a result the make-up will look careless.
  4. Humidify area under lower eyelids any cream for the water-based person. The fact is that in the course of drawing shadow will be inevitably showered, and to remove their surplus so that under eyes there is no dark stain left, without cream extremely difficult.
  5. Apply dark shadows on upper eyelid, thickening the line towards external corner of eye. Try not to come for area of mobile century: as black color in itself draws attention, its surplus risks to create effect of dirty meyk-ap.
  6. Slightly shade black shadows at the edges, make imperceptible transition to the line of eyebrows air white or light beige shade. At will the droplet of light shadows can be added on internal corners of eye. Use opaque shades.
  7. Carry out by brush with black shadows along the line of eyelashes, hardly thickening it to external corner at which it is better to raise it, connecting to the line of upper eyelid. Remove the showered surplus cotton pad.
  8. Indispensable condition of black evening make-up – densely made up eyelashes. Otherwise the glance will not turn out speaking and bright. Use only black ink as any other will look it inappropriate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team