How to make up correctly arrows

How to make up correctly arrows

you are not able to use eyeliner, consider that you are not able to do make-up! No matter, you prefer liquid ayliner or planimetric pencil. Shooters – integral part practically any meyk-ap for solemn occasions. To learn to draw arrows not so difficult, apparently, the main thing – practice.

It is required to you

  • the planimetric pencil, liquid eyeliner, brushes, kayat


  1. For a start learn to choose eyeliner correctly. The pencil should not be neither too fat and soft, nor too firm. But it has to be soft moderately that it could be shaded. When choosing liquid eyeliner be guided by thickness of arrows which you will draw. Upon purchase pay attention to brush. If you the beginner, choose better eyeliner felt-tip pen as it is convenient to use it, and after some practice the make-up will not take a lot of time.
  2. In order that the hand did not shiver, lean the elbows on something when drawing. That arrows were symmetric, put at first the end at external corners of eyes: these are the points designating "tails" of future arrows. The classical arrow is drawn from internal corner of eye to external, thickened by the end, and its tail looks up.
  3. There is huge number of various types of arrows. But it is necessary to remember that ideal are those which are executed taking into account your merits and demerits. How to correct shortcomings? If you have small eyes, do not bring them completely at all. Do not begin arrow with internal corner of eye and do not touch internal eyelid (it can be brought white kayal). Optimal variant in your case – the shooters beginning with the middle of the century.
  4. If you have narrow eyes, then your shooters should not go beyond edges of eyes at all, they have to come to an end in corners. The same can be told owners of widely put eyes. It is desirable that arrows were thickened in the middle and utonshatsya at the edges.
  5. If you have big and round eyes, then for creation of illusion amygdaloid draw long arrows so that they went beyond edges of eyes and rose up. The contour has to be thickened by the end of arrow.
  6. And at last, owners of close put eyes of arrow should draw from the center century, they have to be thickened by the end and rise sharply up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team