How to make up eyelashes that they were long and magnificent

How to make up eyelashes that they were long and magnificent

How to make up eyelashes?"" - this question quite often arises before girls who wish to learn art of make-up. It seems that to make it simply, however it not so. To make up cilia that they looked long and magnificent - the business demanding accuracy and also knowledge of several rules and receptions.

It is required to you

  • - the extending ink;
  • - base under mascara;
  • - the tightening-up ink;
  • - brush hairbrush for eyelashes.


  1. That eyelashes looked magnificent and long, it is necessary to work much, especially if the cilia short and rare. So, the first that needs to be made, is to apply on eyelashes base under ink and to allow it to dry completely. Of course, it is possible to do also without this reception, however with it finally cilia will look more volume.
  2. The next stage - putting the extending ink. The first layer of ink needs to be put with smooth movements from roots of cilia to tips. As for the method of painting, it is unimportant, main condition: all cilia have to be painted well over. It is worth remembering if you wish that eyelashes looked tidily, then it is necessary to gather a lot of ink on brush. After drawing this layer, ink needs to allow to dry up (but not completely to dry).
  3. Further it is necessary to put the second layer of ink, but already tightening up. It is necessary to apply it in a special way: gain the minimum quantity of means on brush, bring brush to the middle of length of cilia and smoothly close eyes. Repeat the procedure three-five times then do the same with eyelashes on other eye.
  4. The last stage - combing of eyelashes. Wait about 30 seconds after putting the tightening-up ink, then accurately comb cilia special brush, trying to remove lumps (if they are available) and also to separate bound together eyelashes. At this stage it is necessary to give them accurate look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team