How to make up in school

How to make up in school

for you, absolutely young person, the world of adult girls and women - personal care, various dresses, attractive make-up became interesting. It is quite natural and it is even to some extent fine, you feel the concerning growing. The main thing in such questions - knowledge of measure and taste. So, you have noticed that many girls in your class are already slightly painted, and you wanted to try the hand of make-up and on the appearance. Well, then listen to some councils.


  1. Remember that your youth and slightly naive openness is extremely attractive and invaluable qualities therefore you should not use make-up to seem is more senior. Use youth time with pleasure. The true seducement and charm are concealed just in naturalness therefore try not to give preference to absolutely dark and bright tones. For daily make-up try to use natural, but interesting natural tone - bezh with easy Goldberry, gentle-pink with slightly lilac outflow, peach, bronze-brown.
  2. Also you should remember that the make-up in school has to be almost imperceptible. Therefore put aside liquid eyeliners (though it is great option for party!) and accurate planimetric pencils. Use eye shadow, for example, dark brown or dark gray shadows and properly shade. It will give to look of softness, languor, but will look at the same time extremely naturally.
  3. Choose volume, but light mascara - besides, bright eyelashes will make look attractive and playful, but thanks to weightless composition of ink your eyelashes will not seem others. It is very important that eyelashes were divided therefore you should get special raschesochka which you will divide their every time after putting ink. Such hairbrush also removes surplus of ink from hairs, and eyelashes do not look weighted.
  4. Remember that your skin - young and sensitive, and you should try to keep these qualities as long as possible. Therefore you should not use heavy basis under foundation, it suits adult women with the first signs of aging and small wrinkles more. Better regularly peel skin, tone up it and carefully humidify with creams and gels with natural extracts - in that case the make-up will lay down exactly and long time will keep.
  5. It is better if you are passed slightly on the person by brush with friable mineral powder - it will give to the face dullness without effect of plaster. If on skin there are heat-spots and small inflammations quite peculiar to teenagers, use the antiseptic drying concealer, accurately shading borders special sponge sponge.
  6. Being going to school, do not use lipstick, it will look too hard. Very touchingly and attractively the lips which are slightly touched by damp gloss of natural shades look. Here you can experiment - gentle and crimson, transparent-pink; such colors very much go to young girls and look very seductively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team