How to make up long eyelashes

How to make up long eyelashes

long, fluffy, bent eyelashes give to look special mysteriousness and depth, do it seductive. Unfortunately, the nature has endowed not all women with such wealth therefore it is necessary to go on small cunnings and to supplement what is not enough from the birth. Each girl is able to make up long eyelashes probably, but not everyone is able to do it correctly.

It is required to you

  • Mascara, tweezers for wave of eyelashes, powder, cosmetic Q-tips


  1. Before starting make-up of eyes, it is necessary to pick up suitable ink. When choosing it is necessary to pay attention not only to the brand of the producer and the price, but also to prescribing of the ink. If you have sensitive eyes inclined to irritations take only the hypoallergenic, not containing wax ink from good brand. Yes, it will keep not so long as waterproof means, but you will insure yourself from many unpleasant consequences, such as the reddened eyes, sharp burning and lachrymation.
  2. If at you by nature dense, but short cilia, choose ink with the extending effect which will allow to increase missing length. And if you the happy owner of long eyelashes, watch that the brush for ink was curved form – it will allow to tighten up at the same time eyelashes in the course of coloring.
  3. To receive really long eyelashes, before coloring it is necessary to apply on them thin film of powder. The brush should be held vertically and accurately messages by the ends of eyelashes up. In this case the extending parts of ink will stick to tips of eyelashes, doing them is much longer. It is not necessary to aim to put thick layer of ink at once even if it seems that eyelashes are painted insufficiently over. It will only create ugly effect of "spidery pads" with lumps of the dried-up ink. Have patience and wait a little.
  4. After drawing the first thin layer of ink, let's eyelashes dry up, and then make up them once again. Try to paint over eyelashes on all century, especially carefully carrying out by brush in corners of eyes. When ink dries out, eyelashes need to be combed to remove excess lumps and to divide bound together cilia.
  5. It is better to twist eyelashes after putting ink though this and not tough rule. The wave will require special tweezers of curved form. They will give beautiful bend to eyelashes and will make eye visually more open. And one small secret will help to achieve effect of especially long eyelashes reminding consignment notes. It is necessary to make up at first eyelashes thin layer of the ink giving volume after its drying them to powder and put a little one more layer of ink, but already extending.

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