How to make up slanting eyes

How to make up slanting eyes

eyes are very beautiful. They attract look and give to the woman similarity to dangerous predator or, on mood, with lovely playful kitty. Correctly using make-up, you can emphasize identity of your eyes or if are dissatisfied with the raskosost, to correct form.


  1. For a start define whether really your eyes are slanting or it only seems to you. Mentally draw horizontal line through internal corner of eye. If the external corner at the same time to be slightly above the line, then you really possess slanting eyes.
  2. If you want to correct a little section of eyes and to make them less slanting and more roundish. In that case, do usual basic make-up and make small correction to it. Use two flowers of shadows. Apply more dark tone on internal part of eye. And transparent light tone on external. For daily make-up use light shadows of nacreous shades. If you want to add a little originality to the exoticism, try to apply on lower eyelid eyeliner with nacreous pencil of white color. It will be also quite good to look also golden.
  3. Carry out eyeliner, emphasizing internal corner of eye. On the way to external corner the line has to disappear. For lower eyelids use soft eyeliner. Begin it from the middle of eye and conduct pencil to external corner. At the same time the internal corner has to remain not painted over. Shade eyeliner. The spot has to be a little negligent. It will give you effect of more roundish eye and will a little reduce raskosost.
  4. You should not use for drawing make-up dark tone.
  5. You apply ink on eyelashes in several layers. During coloring of upper eyelashes you apply ink on internal part, holding at the same time brush horizontally.
  6. Emphasize the line, eyebrows using brown shadows.
  7. When drawing evening make-up use sharp and exact eyeliner. It will give to your look big mysteriousness and will emphasize exotic look. Consider that dark color of eyeliner will give you look a little defiant. If you want to achieve softer effect, use colors from golden to brown, depending on color of eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team