How to make up to the blonde

How to make up to the blonde

Pale skin, light hair color and bright eyes is inherent in the natural blonde. At correctly picked up make-up such woman leaves indelible impression. The main thing is to emphasize all advantages given you by the nature and not to fall to rough vulgarity.


  1. If you the blonde, then for you very important becomes selection of the correct tone. Consider that blondes with eyes of blue color and hair of straw shade, as a rule, and skin have pale. For them it is necessary to add by means of blush and powder to the person a little color. It is better to use warm coral and light pink tone if hair are a little more dark – peach shades. In case you have ashy hair, and eyes of any color, then and select colors of blush and powder brownish or yellow color. Use the transparent powders reflecting color. It will emphasize naturalness of make-up.
  2. Select color of lipstick depending on purpose of make-up. For day option - gentle light tone. It is beige, coral, golden. Brighter colors - pink and coral will approach evening dress. To ashy hair lipstick with yellowish shade is possible.
  3. Special attention should be paid on make-up of eyes. Be not fond of eyeliners in the form of sharp, saturated black color, arrows. It gives to the blonde too defiant look. Best of all stop the choice on brown and gray color scale. And it is necessary to select color, making a start from hair color. Than your hair, especially light color of pencil for eyebrows and eyeliner are lighter. Buy ink brown shades if your eyes dark. If you the blonde with gray or blue eyes, use blue ink.
  4. Consider that color of shadows also approaches in tone color of eyes. For the blonde with gray and blue eyes color of shadows has to be gray-blue or silvery. Brown and gray colors will be suitable for brown-eyed girls. Emphasize green eyes with shadows golden, brown, dark green, peach. Exclude cold shades from scale. Blue shadows and blue are suitable for blue eyes.
  5. At evening make-up emphasize face with brighter paints. Use powder and blush of pinkish and bronze shade. They will force your skin to shine. Friable powder will give it silkiness. For bigger effect you can safely use false eyelashes, giving them bigger volume. And coral lipstick will add seducement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team