How to make upper eyelids big

How to make upper eyelids big

That upper eyelids became more, the special make-up which will make your eyes expressive and attractive will be required. It can be executed independently, it is not obligatory to address the professional stylist.


  1. All steam of waves brush will allow to make your eyes more. For the unknown reasons small and hung eyelid among most of girls is considered ugly. But pay direct attention on such models as Natasha Vodianova and Keith Moss. They have absolutely small eyes and at the same time the heavy, hung eyelids. If you want to give upper centuries more than the volume, then it will be necessary to make special make-up for that purpose. It is necessary to consider that fact that the upper eyelid has to be by all means a little lighter, than it is in reality.
  2. It is desirable to do make-up on the special equipment. For day option it is more preferable to use only shades from neutral scale, for example, beige. For a start it is necessary to cover all mobile eyelid with foundation. This step will allow you to record future make-up. Further it is necessary to shade a little fold as if drawing the line. For this purpose it is desirable to use light brown shadows.
  3. At the next stage it is necessary to apply a few shadows of light shade on all eyelid, lighten eye corner. So your eyes will look slightly more. The liquid eyeliner and also ink will help to finish image. For this purpose draw rather wide arrows and use the extending ink. If you wish to give to look of romanticism and showiness, then buy false eyelashes in cosmetic shop and paste them.
  4. Tracing fold of upper eyelid shadows, be extremely attentive - you do not come on corner of eye and area of growth of eyelashes, these places should not be dark. Do not forget about violet and blue shades. They can also be used in make-up of eyes. These shades will give to eyes mysteriousness, depth and dramatic character. Lips in this make-up can be made bright and expressive. Such image will be appropriate at business negotiations or appointment with darling.
  5. If you want to make eyes expressive, use the equipment under the name smoki-ice. For a start work the line of growth of eyelashes and lower eyelid black shadows. Shade the received lines brush.
  6. Further apply gray shadows on area of upper eyelid and pleated. Shade the received result. It will allow to make your eyes magnificent and expressive. Draw arrows with gel or liquid eyeliner. Finish the turned-out make-up putting ink. Lips in this case should be done not bright, use lipstick of beige or pink shade. This make-up perfectly will approach as evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team