How to make ventilation in sauna with own hands

How to make ventilation in sauna with own hands

Main goal of the device of ventilation in sauna - air simplification, its disposal of excess moisture. On condition of lack of exhaust system because of too hot and humid air, first of all the cardiovascular system suffers. Also without the adjusted air exchange walls and furniture indoors spoil.

Arrangement of ventilation in sauna and adjacent shower is necessary for a number of reasons. The safety of the sauna and other rooms, health of users of steam room will be under the threat if air exchange does not happen in the necessary volume. As a result, there will be mold, fungus, pathogenic microorganisms will develop. That to avoid it, already on projecting phase it is necessary to provide type of exhaust system, to calculate its power.

Rules of the device of ventilation: what needs to be known?

The good vent system has to provide:

  • continuous inflow of fresh air;
  • stable indoor temperature without drafts.

According to rules, normal air circulation for the room of the average sizes is quadruple shift of air mass within 1 hour. 

The vent system of sauna also has to provide such process. High-quality air exchange means gradual uniform mixing of fresh air with the heated and damp mass of steam room.

If in your sauna it is stuffy and difficult to breathe, ventilation is made incorrectly!

Types of vent systems

The sweating room can have the following ventilation systems:

  • natural;
  • mechanical (compulsory);

The first option is economic model of exchange of air masses with use of physical laws. But it is important to understand that only the experienced engineer who will count all nuances most precisely can make such system. The independent device of such extract does not guarantee lack of drafts or emergence of places with stagnant air.

The compulsory system of air exchange is the most expensive as demands financial investments in purchase of units and air ducts. 

The forced-air and exhaust (combined) system is considered optimal variant both from financial, and from the technical point of view. When mounting such extract the possibility of drafts is completely excluded. The efficiency of creation of microclimate indoors is maximum.

It is impossible to use uniform ventilation system for sweating room and adjacent rooms! It will be more correct to provide forced-air and exhaust system in sauna, and natural air exchange will be quite acceptable and sufficient in the waiting room, the room for rest. 

The scheme of the device of ventilation in sauna

Let's consider option of placement of elements of exhaust system in steam room:

  • The incoming openings. That the fresh air arriving from the street got warm quicker, the incoming openings have to be located in the lower part of wall near the furnace. Such arrangement is recommended and for the reason that cold air will not get on the person who is in steam room. The efficiency of air exchange will be higher if at design of door to consider gap (0.5 cm) between box and door cloth.  
  • The standard arrangement of stretcher is relative the incoming - on opposite wall of the room. If to consider the pair room, then here intakes has to be two. One it is necessary to locate at the level of 1 m from floor, the second is mounted around ceiling. These two receivers have one general air duct box. 
  • Fan and valve. These two devices are designed for creation of the protective barrier excluding emergence of drafts at various weather phenomena. So, availability of valve will help to adjust the speed of feed and intake of air. And the fan will promote faster exit of damp air masses at insufficient natural draft.

Extract operating modes

In sauna at the device of the combined ventilation system it is possible to use various systems of aeration of the room. 

  • This method is necessary rather often. Thanks to regular airing of steam room, the safety of all surfaces will be maximum. Within 5 - 10 minutes of work of ventilation with the switched-on fan at completely open valves the indoor air will be updated in full. 
  • Warming up. In this case valves in aspiration duct are closed, but remain are open in the incoming. It will allow to provide economic fuel usage and fast warming up of sauna.

Stay in sauna

It is worth to remember about control of ventilation at the moments of use it to destination. That rest has appeared not to the detriment of health, it will be required to slightly open extract valve in the lower opening. Thanks to it air exchange will happen adequately, but indoor temperature will remain stable. 


  • Section of aspiration duct has to be similar to the section of the incoming opening;
  • Openings of extract have to be at the different level, you should not mount them only under ceiling, or only on the middle of wall. Such extract will be extremely inefficient.
  • It is impossible to do only one exhaust opening under ceiling - it is possible to arrange draft.

It is necessary to remember that the sauna well affects health at observance of safety measures. And ensuring air exchange and ventilation - key link in this room. If you are not sure that you can correctly equip sauna, address engineers, they will execute professional calculations. This measure  will exclude risk of emergence of mistake.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team